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TAR College Merit Scholarship

Source : Malaysian Scholarship

TAR College has six campuses nationwide that cater to the educational needs of school leavers. The campuses are in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Perak, Johor, Pahang, and Sabah.

With almost four decades of academic excellence, TAR College is one of the most popular institutions of higher learning in Malaysia with more than 130,000 students having passed through its doors. Today, many of these graduates are high achievers and leaders in various professions and industries, making significant contribution to the nation’s development.

The College offers merit scholarships to students with 7As and above in their SPM examination or 3As and above in their STPM/A-Level examination.

(I) Description:

Scholarship covers full or partial tuition, registration and special administrative fees (if applicable) payable to the College for the duration of the course:

* SPM: 9As & above
* STPM/ A Level: 4As & above

100% waiver of tuition, registration and special administrative fees (if applicable).

* SPM: 8As
* STPM/ A Level: 3As

75% waiver of tuition, registration and special administrative fees (if applicable).

* SPM: 7As

(must be a registered student at TAR College Branch Campuses)

50% waiver of tuition, registration and special administrative fees (if applicable).

(II) Conditions for application:

Eligible candidates who apply for admissions into the College courses during its admissions intake (January and May) and who meet the criteria stated above will be automatically considered for the Merit Scholarship.

(III) Contact:

Contact Person: Ms Sia Kem Fang (ext 267)
Address:Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman
Division of Admissions & Credit Evaluation
Jalan Genting Kelang,53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
P.O.Box 10979, 50932, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 – 4145 0100/23
Fax: 03-4142 3166
Web page:

Malaysian Hindu demonstration at 10 Downing on Friday, 1st February, at 11am to 2pm

Source : Hindu Council

Malaysian Hindus, a two million minority in Malaysia, are sufferring religious persecution under the new "lite-taliban" policies of the corrent Government. HINDRAF (Hindu Rights and Action Force) of Malaysia have organised a protest opposite Downing street at 11am this Friday to present a petition to the Prime Minister at 2pm.

Hindu temples have been destroyed and damaged, irrespective of their age. An EDM was raised by the Hon. Stephen Pound MP to raise the issue in the UK Parliament last month.

31 protestors were arrested in the peaceful march at Kuala Lumpur on 25 November 2007, of whom 5 still remain under detention. HCUK requests all to support this silent protest against the human rights violations of not only the Hindu minority but other religious minorities of Malaysia also.

HCUK's General Secretary, Anil Bhanot, said that the Taliban ideology which destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas needs to be challenged for re-education. He said, "If God ever commanded not to worship idols then it was in reference to the idols in one's own heart, the idols of obsession to some self-centred ideologies and not those of selfless devotion to the wonderful facets of the all-loving one Absolute God."

We appeal to the world communities to help stop the lite-talibanisation of the Malaysia Government through trade and other means. Please come to the protest this Friday and if working then at least in your lunch hour.

Anant M Vyas
Executive Representative
Hindu Council UK

Hindraf seeking talks with BN, Opposition

Source : M'Kini
Image : Net

The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) is seeking to engage Barisan Nasional in a dialogue, subject to releasing its five leaders presently detained under the Internal Security Act.

The five - P Uthayakumar, M Manoharan, V Ganabatirau, R Kengadharan and K Vasantha Kumar - were arrested on Dec 13 for their alleged involvement in organising illegal gatherings on Nov 25 and making seditious statements against the government.

They are now serving a two-year detention without trial following.

Hindraf’s exiled leader P Waythamoorthy said in a statement today that Hindraf was keen to initiate immediate discussions with political parties on both divides regarding the future of Indian Malaysians.

While maintaining its non-partisan stand, Hindraf warned that “it is now forced to advice Indian Malaysians on whom to vote in the upcoming general elections.”

The reform movement is calling on opposition parties to explicitly state their commitment to advocate and implement steps to enhance Indian rights should they be elected to lead the next government.

However, Waythamoorthy urged the Indian community “not to blindly assume that voting for the opposition will solve the problems of oppression, suppression, marginalisation and permanent colonisation of the ethnic Indian community.”

Review our 18 demands

Hindraf reiterated the need to study their Review our 18 demands submitted to the prime minister on the needs and demands of the Indian community.

Several of the key demands relate to:

• The maintenance of Malaysia’s status as a secular state
• Full revamp of National Integration Policy
• Reinstatement of Pupil’s Own Language classes in national schools.
• Preserving places of worship
• Affirmative-action plans for the Indian community

“These points should be the paramount consideration in respect to the Indian needs,” it said.

With the elections impending, Hindraf urged political parties on both sides to be transparent and fair to Indian candidates in terms of parliamentary and state seat distribution.

Leading Hindraf from London, Waythamoorthy also called on the ruling coalition to accept the movement as a legitimate pressure group.

Hindraf came to prominence after the Nov 25 rally that saw some 30,000 take to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to highlight the economic plight of ethnic Indians in Malaysia and what they say is continual discrimination by the Malaysian government.

Hindraf had filed a lawsuit against former colonial ruler Britain seeking four trillion dollars' compensation for the estimated two million ethnic Indians whose ancestors were brought here as indentured labourers in the 1800s.

The public gathering in November was in support of a memorandum to the British high commission seeking a Queen's counsel be appointed to represent Hindraf in their lawsuit.

The movement is widely perceived to have caused a shift in the Indian community, with the prime minister’s approval ratings plunging to an all time low since the November rally.

Solidarity Picket in Dublin with Human Rights Activists in Malaysia

Source :

Malaysia has seen a clamp down on Human Rights. Some of those who dared to challenge have been arrested and face serious charges.A solidarity Picket took place today at the Malaysian Embassy at Shelbourne House.

A brief photo report from a solidarity picket which took place Monday (28.1.08) at the Malaysian Embassy at Shelbourne House, Shelbourne Road in the heart of Ballsbridge....of course lah kena sensor from Malaysian News...but nothing can hide from the UNITED BLOGGERS...

More info and photo CLICK HERE

MARA medicine/ surgery scholarship...anyone interested...he...he...he...

Source : via Email / Alert

MAJLIS Amanah Rakyat (MARA) sponsorship is now available to Bumiputera students seeking to study Monash University’s Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme at its Sunway campus in Petaling Jaya.

The sponsorship is under MARA’s Open Application Scheme. Selection of students will be based on their pre-university results, performance in the semi-structured interview as well as the results of an aptitude test.

To meet the requirements, students must first score three principals in the STPM or A-Levels with an “A” in chemistry.

Apart from that, those who score excellent results in other pre-university programmes such as Australian Matriculation, Australian Year 12, Monash University Foundation Year, Canadian Matriculation, Canadian International Matriculation Programme and International Baccalaureate will also be eligible for a sponsorship. Pre-requisite subjects include English or English as a Second Language (ESL) and chemistry.

Students whose pre-university qualifications do not include English or ESL must demonstrate their English language proficiency through the A-level or TOEFL English tests.

Apart from offering sponsorship for medicine, MARA also offers sponsorships for other Monash degree courses including engineering, information technology, business and science.

The sponsorships provided by MARA are interest-free and the repayment amount may be reduced if students achieve excellent results.

Call 03-5514-6000 or visit

Samy Vellu is not preffered by MIC Sg Siput as a leader

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Election Special : Sudden gov't benevolence election motivated

A Letter from : Mr Anthony J via M'Kini
Image : Net

Fighting poverty amongst all races. Declaring Thaipusam a public holiday for Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. Resolving the problem of Indian children without birth certificates in Selangor. You may wonder why all this is happening now. Well, the answer is simple: general elections.

With elections just around the corner, our government - ruled by the almighty Barisan Nasional coalition - is out to get as many votes as possible from the ‘rakyat,’ especially the Indian community.

Let’s dissect each of the issues.

Fighting poverty: The BN-led government has highlighted this as its main agenda in almost all of its election campaigns and promises. But its promises have proven to be only promises. The rich cronies of Umno and its allies have become richer and more powerful, while the poor have become poorer still.

This is very obvious, especially in the cities. There, hi-tech rail and transport services, sports and community infrastructures, sophisticated condominiums and luxurious shopping complexes abound.

But who uses these facilities? The rich, of course. The poor could never afford to frequent these facilities without forking out big, fat sums of money. With each passing year, more and more mega-projects start up in our country. Yet basic poverty eradication remains at an infant stage, despite 50 years of independence.

We still see children without proper clothes to wear, good food to eat and safe shelters to call homes. This happens in the cities as well as in the suburbs. What has the BN government done to improve this? Nothing. They just make more promises.

Price hikes and increased costs of living have pressed our poor ‘rakyat’ to the extreme. I hope the

price hikes rallies will be seen as a sign that the ‘rakyat’ is unhappy with the current administration’s practice of overlooking the priorities of poor communities.

Thaipusam holiday: It has been almost a decade since the MIC submitted an application to the government to declare Thaipusam a public holiday in the Federal Territory. It took me by surprise when the BN- led government finally agreed after such a long time.

What took them so long? Probably they declared the holiday just to make the disappointed Indian community happy before the general elections. What a wicked way to ‘pancing undi’ from Indian voters.

This tactic is similar to those of politicians in rural areas and estates who, in the past, wooed voters by giving free clothes, sandals or food. I hope present-day Indians will not fall prey to these kinds of tactics. Instead, I hope they use their votes wisely to elect a more fair and just government in the coming elections.

The Hindraf and Bersih demonstrators did not ask for more holidays. They fought for a more righteous judiciary system, a transparent Election Commission, a society without racial and religious discrimination, and more job and educational opportunities for minority and poor communities.

Birth certificates for ‘stateless’ Indian children: I was shocked to read recent media reports that the Selangor menteri besar had asked the state Umno council for assistance in identifying and registering Indian children without birth certificates.

Why now? This should have been done many years ago. What was the government doing before this? Birth certificates are important documents that every citizen of this country should possess. The relevant authorities should monitor their respective areas to identify and register children whose parents have not done so.

Given the authorities’ historical ‘tidak apa’ attitude, it seems clear that the government’s last-minute efforts are politically motivated. All Malaysians: Please make wise decisions, choose the right leaders and do not fall prey to old political tactics. Malaysia Boleh!

YennaMike Says : If you would like to see a change...speak through your vote in the next General Elections since we can't be heard during any other time apart from Election Seasons...!!!

Hindraf leader files petition against Sessions Court ruling

Source : The Hindu

Kuala Lumpur (PTI): An ethnic Indian leader, held under a draconian security law for having organised a rally demanding better treatment for the community, has filed a petition against a lower court verdict rejecting his objection to being charged with sedition.

P Uthayakumar, the legal adviser of non-governmental Hindu Rights Action Forum (Hindraf) which has been spearheading protests against alleged marginalisation of ethnic Indians, stated in his petition yesterday that he was not satisfied with the ruling by the Sessions Court on December 11 last year, the 'Star' daily reported on wednesday.

Judge Sabariah Othman had rejected the objection raised by his counsel, saying that the absence of Uthayakumar's signature in an alleged seditious letter did not make the charge defective.

In the petition, Uthayakumar, who filed the petition at the Sessions Court (criminal) registry through his lawyers, claimed the judge had erred when she dismissed the objection and ruled that the letter did not have to be signed merely because it was posted from a website, the report said.

Uthayakumar had pleaded not guilty to publishing the alleged letter when he was produced on December 11 in the Sessions Court here to face the charge.

The Hindraf legal adviser was arrested under the controversial Internal Security Act (ISA), which allows indefinite detention without trial, after the group organised a massive rally on November 25 last year, declared illegal by the government. Over 20,000 ethnic Indians had participated in the rally.

Why was I arrested?

By Jonson Chong

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Two nights in a police lock-up.

I was arrested at 4:30 pm on Jan 26, at a food court in the vicinity of Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur. I was released unconditionally from Pudu Jail (now known as Balai Polis Jalan Hang Tuah) at approximately 10:30 pm on Jan 27 after a magistrate rejected a remand application by the police to further detain me, a lawyer, and nine other people, including PKR’s Tian Chua and PAS’ Dr Hatta Ramli.

Obviously, I was annoyed that I was arrested whilst I was trying to ask the police why they wanted to arrest Tian Chua and Hatta, especially when they were merely having drinks and talking to journalists at that time. I knew that the over-zealous Special Branch personnel arbitrarily decided to arrest me because I questioned their actions.

I was amazed by how lightly police officers deal with the constitutional liberty of a citizen, not to mention a lawyer, who is otherwise also known as an ‘officer of the court’. I should highlight here also that I was not informed of the grounds of my arrest at any point of time, whether during my arrest, detention and subsequent ‘investigation’.

Luckily, sense, or maybe conscience, prevailed over the magistrate who heard the remand application against the ten of us who had the same investigating officer. To the amazement of everyone, including the lawyers who defended all of us, the magistrate said that she was releasing us (unconditionally) because she did not find any evidence to show that the ten of us were linked to the Protes assembly that day.

By the time we walked out of Pudu Jail, I was deprived of 30 precious hours of freedom. Why? All because I acted to question the arbitrary arrest of two Malaysian citizens who happened to be leaders in their respective political parties.

Politics aside, it is high time all Malaysians take a good look at what is happening to our country. Do we want to let this go on? When are we going to make a stand and say ‘no more’?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Election Special : Gerakan forms task force on Indians

Source : Malaysiakini

Gerakan has formed a special task force on the Indian community which will be headed by party vice-president S Vijayaratnam.

In a statement today, the Barisan Nasional (BN) component party said there are four sub-committees to look into the various problems faced by the community.

The sub-committees are focusing on education, religion and cultural affairs, employment and entrepreneurship as well as social and family development.

As for education, Vijayaratnam said the committee has recommended the establishment of kindergartens in Tamil schools.

"This is based on the experience of the Maju-Diri organisation in Penang, which has successfully implemented the scheme in some Tamil schools in the state.

"We intend to expand this to other states through the cooperation of Gerakan elected representatives," he added.

Database on temples

On religion, Vijayaratnam said a database is being set-up on registered and unregistered temples nationwide.

"In this we will seek the assistance of other related associations, non-governmental organisations and other BN parties," he added.

Under employment, the vice-president said the committee is exploring ways and means of getting jobs for Indians in various sectors, including the civil service.

"We will also get Indians acquainted with SMEs, small businesses and help locate and obtain financial assistance and loans from banks, government sources, etc."

As for social issues, the committee is addressing problems such as alcoholism and domestic violence.

"Gerakan resource centre (Sedar) will also be involved. The committee will also look into sourcing funds to finance the various activities proposed," said Vijayaratnam.

Other members on the committee are vice-chairman and party vice-president Dr Teng Hock Nan, party deputy secretary-general Lum Wng Keong, central committee members Gooi Hoe Hin and A Kohilan Pillay, Youth central committee member G Krishnan, Wanita central committee member B Jayanthi and Penang state liaison committee member N Gobalakrishnan.

Vijayaratnam said more members will be appointed in future.

The plight of the Indian community in Malaysia made headlines following the Nov 25 massive street rally organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

While the government has accused the movement of being an extremist outfit, observers credit it for spawning a political awakening in the community and forcing the government to act on the community’s grouses and woes.

Five key leaders of Hindraf are currently being detained without trial under the Internal Security Act.

Malaysia's Mahathir fears corruption in general to the Hand...

Source : AFP

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) — Malaysian former premier Mahathir Mohamad on Tuesday lashed the government as "weak" and said he feared that vote-buying would be deployed to stem its losses in upcoming general elections.

Mahathir, who stepped down in 2003 after two decades in power, echoed analysts' views that the increasingly unpopular government is headed for losses at the polls expected to be held in March.

He also criticised its decision to jail ethnic Indian protesters, saying the minority community had no way of airing its grievances, and that a wave of public protests was inspired by the government's repeated errors.

In an interview with foreign newswires to mark the launch of a book on his correspondence with world leaders, Mahathir said the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) would still lead the Barisan Nasional coalition.

"Even if (UMNO) lose 20, 30 of their candidates, the Barisan Nasional is going to win", Mahathir said, but added that voters would be sending a message with what is expected to be a reduced majority.

"It will give a much truer picture of the support that the government gets, but I fear corruption of the voters," he said.

"I hope that this kind of money politics -- I know a lot of people are collecting a lot of money now -- if they use money politics the result may not reflect the true feeling of the people."

Mahathir was critical of his successor Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's jailing of five ethnic Indian activists under a draconian internal security law that allows for indefinite detention without trial.

The leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) infuriated the government in November by leading 8,000 people onto the capital's streets, claiming that ethnic Indians are marginalised in multicultural Malaysia.

"No, I don't think they should have thrown the leaders (into detention), they should have met these people first and had proper discussion," Mahathir said.

The 82-year-old said he did not accept the claim that Indians are marginalised, but that coalition member the Malaysian Indian Congress was not representing them properly.

"Here you have only one (Indian) political party and nobody else is allowed to come in and that is what is making the Indians really unhappy," he said.

The Hindraf rally was one of several streets demonstrations that have shaken the government in recent months, along with an election reform rally that drew more than 30,000 protesters.

"There are occasions when there is a need for protest, when (the people) see that the government is repeatedly doing the wrong thing or they see the government is being weak, then they resort to protest," Mahathir said.

The one-time strongman of Malaysian politics said he expected his former deputy Anwar Ibrahim, who he sacked in 1998 when he was jailed on corruption and sodomy charges, to continue to be a "thorn" in the government's side.

Anwar's ban on seeking political office expires in April this year, but Mahathir was scathing of his prospects.

"There is no more political future for (Anwar)," he said. "If he thinks he is going to be the prime minister, he is daydreaming."

Abdullah was Mahathir's hand-picked successor when he stepped down in 2003, but after the new leader dumped several of his pet projects he began launching accusations of economic mismanagement, nepotism and corruption.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Malaysian teacher reprimanded for making Hindu students shave religious beards

Source : PR-Inside

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) - A teacher in Muslim-majority Malaysia has been reprimanded for forcing six Hindu schoolboys to shave their mustaches and beards, which they were growing for a religious ritual this month, a news report said Tuesday.

The Star newspaper quoted State Education Director Hussain Harun as saying that the teacher in the northern Perak state was enforcing school regulations that require students to be clean shaven.

However, he was guilty of being insensitive to the students' feelings, and has been told off, Hussain was quoted as saying. The teacher also forced the students to remove religious wristbands to enforce a rule that no ornaments be worn in school.

If need be, the teacher would have to apologize ... for hurting their feelings by being insensitive to their religious and cultural needs, The Star quoted Hussain as saying. The best way is to ask for their forgiveness.Hussain could not immediately be reached, and the education officer investigating the case declined to comment.

The students were growing their hair as part of a ritual for the Thaipusam festival that was celebrated on Jan. 23. Many ethnic Indians, who form 8 percent of Malaysia's 27 million population, let their hair grow for a certain period and have themselves shaved on Thaipusam day.The Star did not identify the teacher's religion.

The incident is a reflection of growing racial friction, which threatens to unravel the country's carefully nurtured ethnic and religious pluralism.
About 60 percent of the population is Muslim Malay, and the minority Indians and Chinese are concerned that a pro-Muslim tilt in the civil service and judiciary is eroding their religious rights.

Lok Yim Pheng, secretary general of the National Union of the Teaching Profession, slammed the teacher's actions. Of course, we don't want the boys' beards to be too long, but we must understand these particular boys' religion, she told The Associated Press. The teacher should be more sensitive ... They must act professionally. They cannot act out of emotions.


A Nice Write up by JD of Makkalsakthi

Thanks JD...

JD says:” It has been quite some time since I wrote about the sentiment of the Malaysian Indians at grass root level. I spend a lot of time with friends from Sentul which has a high population of Malaysian Indians even from the days of the British rule. The area was notorious in the 60's up to the early 90's for gangsterism, drugs and other vices. It was not unusual to hear of families having lost their loved ones to gang related violence.

The youths from the area that I have come in contact with in recent years are very intelligent and ambitious, wanting to make something out of themselves. It's sad that most of them don't get the encouragement and proper guidance from their families.

The emphasis on education is not stressed upon as an important aspect of life.The parents are busy trying to make ends meet with the low wages that they earn.Couple that with cramped living quarters and you have a receipe for youths to spend most of their leisure time outdoors,unsupervised and exposed to the undesirable influences of crime.This is one of the main reason why the youths are so easily influenced into a lifestyle of crime and gangsterism.

The political parties have done little to change and raise the standards of the community in the area. A very low percentage of youths have graduated from institutions of higher learning.

This has however changed for the better now with the influx of other races and business entities into the area. The level of crime has dropped drastically in the Sentul District. The youths in the area are also wising up to the fact that there is a future for them if they stay out of crime and pursue education as a mean of escaping poverty and hardship.

The Malaysian Indian community in Sentul still values an education in Tamil and they have been sending their children to the school. However the condition of the Tamil school in the area is extremely poor. Right in front of it is a fully air conditioned multi storey Chinese school. The children of the Tamil school feel so demotivated just comparing their school with the Chinese school. Won’t they feel that they too deserve better conditions to pursue their education?

Even in lower levels of education the playing field isn't fair to the Malaysian Indians, how can we be expected to be competitive if the only outlet that we have to get out of the poverty cycle is not provided to us. The government will say that they have built some smart Tamil schools like the one in Subang Jaya. My question is why only in areas like Subang Jaya and not every other existing Tamil school? Is it because the rich of Subang Jaya only deserve a better Tamil school? What about the Tamil schools in areas that have a large Malaysian Indian population? Why are they being overlooked?

Political parties talk so much about being the saviors of the Malaysian Indian community when right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur the community is still marginalized and discriminated. Yet they have done nothing!

All I can say is that in this coming election the Malaysian Indian community in Sentul will show whether they are satisfied or not through the ballot box. The community has awakened from their slumber and those coming to canvass for votes better have their facts right for the questions that need to be answered".

Hindraf not only about Hindu temples

A Letter from : Naragan
Source : M'Kini

There comes a point in the life of a nation that what was once considered necessary for progress gradually have become shackles and these shackles hold it back from further progress. When such points are reached, social movements sprout calling for a rearrangement of the structures and relationships within the structures. History is filled with countless instances of this.

Hindraf has called into question the so-called social contract established over 50 years ago between the Malay, Chinese and Indian elites of the time. That social contract has since been hijacked by the Umnoputras – the Malay elite - in the name of the Malay community.

I say in the name of the Malay community because the true beneficiaries of that social contract are indeed the Malay elite who allowed only a small trickle down effect for the general Malay community. This is to the utter detriment of Malaysian society as a whole but clearly and deviously in the interest of the Umnoputras.

The result? An ethnically-divided society, a neglected and marginalised underclass (of which Indians form a large group), a large chunk of Malaysian society still seeking national pride and a society drained of the vitality and incentives needed to build a progressive nation.

Given the resources of the country, there is enough for all citizens of the country regardless of race, religion or creed. With more equitable distribution and without polarising and exclusive policies, the Malay community will get whatever it is getting now, plus more while the other communities will get what is due to them as equal citizens of this country. But what is needed is a totally new basis for Malaysian society.

It is this that Hindraf is pursuing. Of course, the path by which Hindraf got there was by taking up the cause of the marginalisation of the Indians and their erosion of rights as practicing Hindus – the careless demolition of Hindu temples by the Umno government.

Hindraf has hit upon a very resonating chord within Malaysian society as a whole that has catapulted them into a vanguard position for the articulation of the need for change. The very social contract that Umno wishes to preserve is the root cause for much of the evil that we experience today – rampant corruption, an ineffective and corrupt police force, a deteriorating crime situation, a judiciary wracked by scandals, an administration that only wants to disburse the resources of the nation in large projects with very high sounding and wishful goals, the impoverishment of the workers of the country through policies that keep the wages down and the rising prices of basic items.

It is time for change. Hindraf’s objective is to change the state of affairs through the mobilisation of Malaysian citizens to collectively pursue change. Hindraf’s objective is to contribute to creating a nation with more equitable distribution of opportunities in education, employment, practice of religion, business opportunities and expression within Malaysian society. This is reason enough for all of us to join hands in the rally and let the message go through.

Waytha Moorthy's letter to Hindraf supporters

Source : Malaysia Today
Image : Net
Weblink :

Dear HINDRAF Supporters,

You may all have heard about the "War of Roses" declared by HINDRAF yesterday. Now the Government would understand that I have not accepted defeat and HINDRAF'S struggle would continue.

We would continue to peacefully fight for the release our 5 Leaders and demand that the Government meet our 18 demands submitted to the Prime Minister in July 2007.

I promise you that 16th Feb 2007 would be an eye opener to the Government that Indians will never give up their struggle. We have remained silent for far too long. The Government finds it difficult to digest the fact that Indians have found strength to voice out their grievances.

So please send the message to all your friends by whatever means possible. We do not have the support of the media so we have to be independent and find our own way to spread the news. SMS are powerful tool at this time and age.

If you have friends overseas I suggest you ask them to organize one at their respective embassies and consulate offices as well. Never mind if it falls on Saturday. They can write to the embassy/consulate office to accept on a Saturday. They will oblige. After all the Roses are meant for the PM How can they disrespect the PM?

Thank you.

Waytha Moorthy

I owe no apology to Samy, who owes apologies to me, MIC, Malaysian Indians, BN and Malaysia

Source : From a forum via Email
Image : Net

Yesterday, MIC President Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu demanded that I apologise to the Indian community for asking the people to light candles in a temple.

Bernama in its report “Samy Vellu Demands Apology from DAP Chairman For Insulting Hindus” demanded that I apologise to all Hindus for “insulting their religion”.

He said that M. Kulasegaran and I had called for Hindus to bring candles into their temples, which he described as “tarnishing the holiness of the religion”.

Samy Vellu said: “He doesn’t know anything about Hinduism. He belittles the religion. Kulasegaran, despite being a Hindu, is also insensitive in the matter because as Hindus, we are only allowed to light a certain type of lamp or fire for religious ceremonies in temples, not candles.”

Bernama also quoted Samy Vellu as demanding that I should “make an open apology for using Hindus house of worship for political purposes”.

Samy Vellu, who had been MIC President and the sole Indian Cabinet Minister for more than 28 years, is not only fighting for his political life – but is waging a losing battle.

This has become such a great burden for him that it has affected his judgment, words and deeds.

It has been said that when a person is under extreme stress, it could be seen from his increasingly irrational utterances and actions – and this can be seen in the case of Samy Vellu.

I do not owe Samy Vellu any apology as it is Samy Vellu himself who owes me, the MIC, Malaysian Indians, the Barisan Nasional and the Malaysian nation at least five apologies.

Firstly, he owes me an apology for his baseless attacks and outbursts against me as reported by New Straits Times, Bernama, Tamil Nesan and other press today.

It is clear that Samy Vellu has become so flustered by his recent political troubles as to increasingly lose touch with reality. I am not DAP National Chairman as I relinquished this position four years ago.

In the second place, I had never at any time called on the Hindus to light candles in Hindu temples, leaving aside the question of its relevance, appropriateness and justification in the struggle of the Malaysian Indians for justice to end their long-standing political, economic, educational, social, cultural and religious marginalization in the country which had reduced them into a new underclass in Malaysia.

Secondly, Samy Vellu owes the MIC an apology for he has brought the MIC to the party’s lowest political stocks in the party history, to the extent that both the MIC President and MIC are in a position akin to the Chinese saying of “the rat running across the street” with everyone calling for them to be smacked!

Thirdly, Samy Vellu owes the Malaysian Indians an apology for his role in the long-standing marginalization of the community. Some three-and-a-half years ago, Kulasegaran and I had proposed to Samy Vellu that a Parliamentary Select Committee of the Marginalisation of the Indians should be set up and I gave him an official letter so that he could take this proposal to the Cabinet for its approval. No word has come from Samy Vellu, although he had expressed his support for the proposal at the time.

Fourthly, Samy Vellu owes the Barisan Nasional an apology for the sharp drop in the Prime Minister’s approval rating among the Indians which plunged from 82% in September 2007 to 38 % in December 2007 – a 54% plunge in a matter of three months before and after the 30,000 people Hindraf rally of November 25, 2007, which must be traced to Samy Vellu’s failure to effectively represent the interests of the Malaysian Indians in the Barisan Nasional government.

Fifthly, Samy Vellu owes the nation an apology for the humiliation and indignity to the country when he was internationally snubbed by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M. Karunanidhi who refused to see him despite waiting for three days and three nights for an appointment in Chennai and even after following Karunanidhi to New Delhi early this month.

YennaMike Says ; What a joke Samy, you are the one whom suppose to apologise to all Malaysians', neglecting Indians, Maika Shares, Tafe Collage, Dodgy road, Dodgy Bridges, Dodgy Parliment Renovation...etc...etc...Samy...Samy...wake up my friend it's time to step down and seek the divine path for the all wrong doings...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Decision for Hindraf 5 on Feb 26...another postponement...??

Source : M'Kini
Image : Net

It will be a month before the five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders know if they can be brought to court for a proper trial as the Kuala Lumpur High Court set Feb 26 as the decision date for their habeas corpus application.

Judicial commissioner Zainal Azman Abdul Aziz said he needed more time to go through the documents before making a decision.

“Please bear with me as I would need some time to go through the authorities. I will need until the end of February to go through all the documents,” he told the packed court.

On the last day of the habeas corpus application, lawyer Karpal Singh argued that the Internal Security Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in his affidavits failed to prove ‘certain circumstances’ needed when issuing a detention order under Section 8(1) of the Internal Security Act 1960.

He said that Abdullah failed to show exceptional reasons why he bypassed Section 73 which provided for a period not exceeding 60 days for investigations including the right of the applicant to put up his defence.

“The dire lack of material in the two affidavits filed by the minister to show certain circumstances for him to have acted directly under Section 8, makes the detention orders made by him on Dec 13 last year procedurally and fatally flawed,” he said.

The Hindraf five - P Uthayakumar, M Manoharan, R Kenghadharan, V Ganabatirau and T Vasanthakumar were detained under Section 8(1) ISA on Dec 13 last year under Abdullah’s orders.

As such they were immediately sent to under a two-year detention to the Kamunting detention centre without first having to undergo a 60-day investigative period.

Can’t challenge minister’s orders

Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail replied that the minister had made the detention orders after receiving a complete investigation report from the police.

“The minister is not solely reliant on police but also from other sources. In his affidavit, he said that the investigations were complete and perfect before he addressed his mind.

“He has a right to issue calls for investigation from his own people He has an unfettered decision on matters of national security which he would know best,” he said.

The senior lawyer added that Abdullah’s detention orders cannot be reviewed by the courts and the burden to prove any bad faith on the minister’s part lies with the applicants.

Before the court adjourned, Karpal made a plea to the judicial commissioner to consider the impact of allowing the minister’s powers go unchecked.

“This is a test case and its very crucial for every citizen in the country. Can the Internal Security minister act without investigation which the law requires and arrest anybody he pleases?

“What about the grounds of the detention order which cannot be questioned by the courts? Such dictatorial powers given to minister has far reaching implications and consequences,” he said.

He told judicial commissioner Zainal that the courts have to ensure that excesses of the executive does not go beyond the law.

“The little mercies left must be given attention to. The courts must apply detention laws strictly. The court must go into the position of legal implication and make a ruling that upholds the constitution.

“Detention without trial is a very cruel thing, only those who have undergone it would understand. I pray that the court would rise to the occasion and grant us our application.” he asserted.

Karpal also requested for the decision date to be as soon as possible because two detainees - Uthayakumar and Manoharan - have been warded in Taiping Hospital for dehydration after having gone on a hunger strike since Jan 22.

Wife’s plea to the AG

Meanwhile, outside the courtroom, detainee Ganabatirau’s wife Puvaneswary was seen approaching Abdul Gani near the court lifts.

Covered in tears, she told the AG that her husband was innocent and expressed her concern over the fate of her two daughters.

Abdul Gani appeared calm and comforted Puvaneswary before telling her that she can get her lawyers to contact him and see what can be done for Ganabatirau.

After Abdul Gani disappeared into the lift, a teary Puvaneswary told reporters that her husband was not guilty and what was being done to him was unfair.

She left soon after with several companions.

Hindraf supporters who crowded the area outside the fourth floor courtroom also lingered at the Jalan Duta court lobby before leaving.

MIC's restless young blood want change

Source : M'Kini
Image : Net

A revolution is brewing in MIC as its young leaders are growing restless with the current scenario.

These leaders are pressing for radical changes, according to sources. They fear that if the changes are not instituted swiftly, it will spell peril for the party in the long run.

The first step is to re-look the line-up for the coming general elections and the young leaders are trying to convince party president S Samy Vellu to make a bold decision.

"The young blood are worried about MIC's future. They believe that changes are necessary to ensure the party remains relevant in the coming years," sources told Malaysiakini.

The political landscape, as far as the Indian community is concerned, witnessed an overnight transformation following the Nov 25 rally organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

While MIC has publicly downplayed and even denied the aftershocks generated by the rally, the sentiments are different behind closed doors.

From top to bottom, the fissures are acknowledged and the party is desperately trying to make amends and win back support.

New faces to boost image

In view of this, sources said MIC's young leaders are pushing for new faces, especially for the parliamentary seats.

"Like all revolutions, heads will have to roll but the young leaders want to avoid any bloodshed as infighting will only weaken the party.

"Furthermore, they have tremendous respect for Samy Vellu. So a confrontational approach is out of the question."

However, sources warned that fireworks may erupt as the young leaders are lobbying for some of the party heavyweights to be dropped.

This includes veterans like vice-presidents S Veerasingam (MP for Tapah) and KS Nijhar (MP for Subang Jaya) as well as secretary-general Dr S Subramaniam (MP for Segamat).

MIC central working committee member and Cameron Highlands MP SK Devamany is also said to be on the list while Wanita chief and Kapar MP K Komala Devi's political future is classified as 'undecided'.

The other MIC parliamentarians are Samy Vellu (Sungai Siput), deputy president G Palanivel (Hulu Selangor ), vice-president S Sothinathan (Teluk Kemang) and Youth chief SA Vigneswaran (Kota Raja).

The old guards on the 'list' have strong support in the party and their axing will definitely spawn discontent among their supporters.

To avoid this, sources claimed that the young leaders have crafted a strategy which they hope will lead to an amicable solution.

"The plan is to allow the veterans to continue holding their party positions, but be moved to state seats instead.

"The veteran leaders can then take over the reins of MIC's respective state leadership while paving the way for the young leaders to contest in the parliamentary seats."

'Tall order' for the president

Commenting on this, a MIC veteran agreed that fresh faces in the election line-up will help boost the party's image.

"The current scenario has put pressure on Samy Vellu to make changes, especially after the MIC supremo promised to revamp the way the party operates.

"He has to put the money where his mouth is and demonstrate to the Indian community that he means business by revamping the current line-up," he said.

Describing the task as a 'tall order' for the MIC president, the veteran said if Samy Vellu can pull it off, "he may be in a position to win back some of the support from the community, especially from those seen as fence sitters."

"The changes (in the line-up) will also reflect the MIC president's sincerity in wanting to remodel the country's largest Indian-based party," he added.

While this strategy may rope in the votes, the veteran stressed that its execution will not be an easy feat for Samy Vellu.

"To make the changes, he needs to muster all the courage that he can. These old guards are no pushovers, they must be dropped without ruffling feathers.

"This will ensure that Samy Vellu continues to enjoy support from these old guards, especially at the state politics level," he said.

The ball is now in the president's court, said sources, adding that Samy Vellu is fully aware that the coming elections is nothing short of an acid test for him and the party he has led for three decades.

YennaMike Says : You guys are only concerned about MIC future, how about future of Indians in Malaysia. You guys going on and on about party image...what image have MIC portrayed so far...!!!


(This email was forwarded by a friend of mine - thanks R..)

Weblink :

Dear All,

We are pleased to inform you that Kementerian Belia dan Sukan (KBS) is providing business loans ranging from RM5,000 to RM50,000 to youths. The repayment period for the loans is up to seven years.

To be eligible for the loans you must be a residing Malaysian citizen between the age of 18 to 40. All applicants must first register with Majlis Penggalakan Ekonomi Belia via online portal at my or by filling the forms manually, which can be downloaded from the above portal.

Applicants must pass a preliminary test and attend courses on Basic Business Foundation and Business Planning Guidance before qualifying to receive the loan forms. The Application process for the loans will take approximately 2 1/2 months. For further terms and conditions, please visit the ministry's website
at my

The preliminary test and courses are conducted weekly in every State Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Negeri. There are two types of schemes offered namely Skim Belia Niaga (SBN) and Skim Belia
Tani (SBT).

Some of the types of businesses under the SBN are hair dressing saloon, beauty & spa, car wash, motorcar/cycle workshop, photography/ video, mini market, restaurant etc.

For SBT are vegetables/fruits/ flower farming, fresh water fish/ prawn, breading of cows/goats/quills etc.

KBS has appointed and entrusted Bank Kerjasama Rakyat and Bank Pertanian Malaysia to administrate the SBN and SBT loans respectively on their behalf.

Should you require any further information, please contact 03 8871 3333 or any of the State Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Negeri or the Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry
at 03 2171 2616 or any of our 13 State Chambers.

Thank you and best regards.

Yours in MAICCI,

S. Rengasamy
Hon. Secretary General, MAICCI)

K.R.Parthiban shortest serving BN Yang Berhormat...?

Source : Doi-Moi Blogspot

He was a government school teacher attach to district education department prior to his involvement in active politics. When the late Sivalingam passed away, no one thought he will be the best choices. Even the press was speculating a few top guns in MIC including the nephews of Semi Value. But end of the day, when PKR decided to select a local boy with background as a business tycoon, BN has no idea other than giving Semi Value a option either "you come up with younger and educated" candidate or face the music of loosing the seat to PKR or UMNO will fill their candidates. There was a say, UMNO was interested to swap the seat with MIC.

Then Parthiban came to the picture and so many speculation among the MIC members it self saying Parthiban is not the Semi Value's candidates. In-fact Semi Value has to get the Selangor MB's approval before announcing the candidates makes more speculations. Some said Vel Pari was pist-off coz Semi Value rejects his candidates T.Mohan. Actually Semi Value didn't reject it because he don't have any say on candidates and on top of that, T.Mohan has misbehaved in previous by-election when source said he is the one who punched DAP supporters.

So when the by-election is over people start to speculate, Semi Value will drop him in general election because he was not the president's man. Recently some insider reveal that Parthiban managed to register some 1000 new voters in Ijok and was mentioning to the insider, if Semi Value rejects him as a candidate then all of them will vote to opposition. General election is totally different if we compare with the by-election because the top guns will run out of time to campaign house by house for the votes, so in that sense this 1000 voters [if true] can decide whether MIC@BN will retain the seat or not if Parthiban dropped.

Don't be shocked if Parthiban lost the seat even after BN retain him because people in Ijok are damn angry with him. The letter issued by state government during the by-election, saying they are the owner of the land is actually just a political drama and the letter didn't carry any meaning. The land office said the letter is not a grant and they have been cheated by UMNO@BN government. People are just waiting a time to teach a lesson for making them to be a fool.

YennaMike Says : Well the allegations seems to be heavy..., looks like Partiban got conned by Uncle Sam.

Samy slams candlelight vigil at temples...well before that are those TAFE scroll you presented yesterday recognised...??

Source : The Star
Image : Net

SEREMBAN: MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu has condemned the acts of certain quarters who have been on a “candlelight vigil” at Hindu temples to protest the detention of five Hindraf leaders under the Internal Security Act.

Describing this as a “desecration of a place of worship”, the Works Minister said those responsible should stop doing so.

“Hindus do not use candles in temples ... we use the kuttu vilaku (oil lamp). From the feedback I got, (other) Hindus are very unhappy over this,” he said after presenting scrolls to 452 Tafe College graduates here.

“I have been told that the opposition have also begun holding political ceramah at these temples.

“This is not right because they are hurting the feelings of Hindus,” he said, chiding the DAP and PKR for not doing anything for the benefit of the Indian community.

Samy Velly also chided certain individuals among Barisan Nasional component parties for conducting surveys amongst Indians on their support for the MIC.

“I want to tell these people to stay out. The MIC can handle the voters.”

YennaMike Says: Well if people do "Ommom" for MIC" and you that okay vaa...!!!. What is wrong with holding a candle light Virgil (are you being fanatic)...are going to say next that FASTING in the Temple is wrong...??. Well Kuttu Villaku is not small and handy - have you seen one before...??.

You said you got feedback that few Hindu are unhappy over this...well who are they, your cronies...??. Why Hindu Sangam is quiet about this and you are bragging on about this. The truth is The Hindu Sangam have given up on you. Just admit that you are speaking for yourself rather than accusing our Indian community over this dissatisfaction.

Deploying more cops: CP

Image : Net

Kota Kinabalu: More policemen will be mobilised for the anticipated general elections this year.

Sabah Commissioner of Police, Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim, said more hands would be needed to look after security, as they expect an increase in the number of voters and polling stations.

"I cannot tell you how many exactly now but there will be more this time," he said after witnessing the closing of the Constable Basic Training by Special Branch Deputy Director, DCP Datuk Othman Ali, at the Sabah police contingent headquarters in Kepayan, Saturday.

"We have identified the logistical and communication needs at the various polling stations (among others) É our men have also gone through public order exercises and equipped with legislative knowledge, to solve any problem that may crop up," he added.

"With the way things are looking now, we expect a smooth election."

Othman was confident that police would not encounter any difficulty in the coming polls, as they have years of experience dealing with such events.

"Going by our track record, we overcame every problem that came our way," he said.

"I do not expect any disturbance or riots, but even if it does occur, we are ready in terms of manpower, strength and equipment you can take it from me, we are fully prepared."

To a question that the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), whose members organised illegal gatherings late last year, might have affected the police's preparation, he said, as far as he was concerned, the matter had been put to rest.

"If you talk about Hindraf, we have already settled the problem the Government has taken appropriate action (against the members) in line with the law.

"(And) there are no different approaches to how police will deal with the polls in the peninsula and Sabah to us, the Hindraf problem has not interfered with our preparations for the polls," Othman said.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Anbe Sivam Care Centre - Taman Sri Andalas Klang

Recently I was introduced to the above Care Centre which is located at Taman Sri Andalas Klang. I took their brochure which i have posted below for your reference.

I'm waiting for confirmation to help funding a 7 years old to walk again. The cost of treatment is not much but it's alot for the Centre and the boy's parents. They have been waiting for response from the Walfare Department for nearly a year. A year means a lot to a 7 years old...


The Centre also collecting recycle items such as Plastics, Old New Papers / magazines, metal and so on to be self sustained. I was impressed with the whole idea and thumbs up for the Centre Organisers for their great effort. SO KLANG FOLKS PLEASE LEND A HAND TO THEM...GOD BLESS

Bahagian Latihan dan Kerjaraya – Online Application Form….!!!

I came to know about this through Bolehland (thanks to Mahendran for posting it), i then surfed the net and followed step by my surprise it's correct...!!!.

What would be the Goverment's explaination this time...??

MIC's decline and fall only a matter of time...

A Letter By : New Malaysia via MalaysiaKini
Image : Net

Bereft of dignified humility, S Samy Vellu , the estranged MIC autocratic leader, seems to be displaying the death-pangs symptoms of the MIC, a party that has progressively forsaken its true reason for existence.
Clinging on to power through money and threat tactics, today the wealthy, arrogant 71-year-old is trying to hoodwink the servile Indians into believing his words that all is well in MIC.

He seems to work against the tide in trying to confront the natural degeneration of the MIC, a process that is fast gaining momentum powered by destructive corruption and an immoral culture largely introduced by Samy Vellu.

A culture to hoodwink the people through propaganda and threats while plundering as much as you can. This is the type of party he is championing. This irresponsible leader, threatened by the fear of being thrown into jail if he falls our of power, is now using the last vestiges of his power to survive the onslaught of the people’s opinion.

MIC's decline and fall is only a matter of time. The seeds of the destructive forces, planted through heavy corruption, cannot be stopped from germinating. Sooner or later, the destructive effects, as a natural process, will finally destroy anything that works against virtue.

The MIC is bankrupt of virtue and it will now naturally decay. The people must understand this and dump the MIC, because that is the way of providence.

Indians' 'pre-emptive' message to MIC, Samy

A Letter By : Barry Michael Raj
Via : Malaysia Kini
Image : Net

It's Thursday morning Pacific time in the US, almost 48 hours after the Thaipusam celebrations in Malaysia, and I still can't believe what the Indians in my country have done as I sit to write this.

During the more than 30 years I had lived in Malaysia, I had often wondered which was the bigger enemy to the Indians there - the institutionalised discrimination by Umno in the form of the NEP or the dismal lack of unity among the Indians themselves. My musings were hardly unique. Neither did they belong to the exclusive domain of intellectual thinking. Any average Indian Malaysian you meet, right from Jitra to Johor Baru, will tell you he envies the unity that has made the Chinese in the same country progress and prosper, and wishes that his community could be more like that.

When I left for the US a few years back, I was convinced there will never come a day when my people will band together as Indians for a cause, without putting forth ethnic subdivisions, religious differences and other inherent prejudices. I could also visualise the MIC and its Jurassic-like leader telling the Indians in Malaysia for many more years to come that there can never be a fairer and more caring government than the Barisan Nasional.

Thus, when the Hindraf protests first hit KL last November, I was as amazed as other Indian Malaysians living abroad over the resolve that seems to have formed among our people back home to fight the marginalisation in their masses. With this week's widely-boycotted Thaipusam celebrations in Batu Caves, my amazement turned into pride as I realised that the Indians in Malaysia today are more united than they ever were in the country's 50-year history as an independent nation.

To me, the Batu Caves boycott is more significant than the preceding Nov 25 Hindraf rally in KL which actually gave birth to the current proactive movement among Indian Malaysians. Both events were sparked by perceived attacks on Hinduism and its worshipers in Malaysia, which probably explains why the current movement is called Hindraf rather than ‘Indraf’ (for Indian Rights Action Force).

The November rally was primarily motivated by anger over the destruction of Hindu shrines in Malaysia, the latest being a Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Shah Alam, which devotees say is a century-old. This week’s Batu Caves-boycott was a direct response to the colluding by that temple’s MIC-appointed caretakers with police in tear-gassing, water-cannoning and arresting people who had broken their journey there en-route to the November rally.

Both incidents appear to have been sparked by what happened at two temples but there is a difference in their significance. The November rally was an ‘after-the-fact’ response to the humiliation that Indians in Malaysia had been suffering for decades. The Batu Caves boycott, in contrast, was a ‘pre-emptive’ message to the MIC and its goons on what ‘People Power - called ‘Makkal Sakti’ in Tamil - is like.

And that power was demonstrated despite the Barisan Nasional throwing a public holiday to the Indians in the hope that all would be forgiven and forgotten.

Having spent almost all my life surrounded by Hindus, I can understand the great sacrifices many of them have made in staying away from this year’s Thaipusam at Batu Caves. Among those who made this painful decision was a swami who had been carrying a ‘kavadi’ to the Murugan shrine atop that limestone cave for almost 40 years now. This man once told me tears of joy well in his eyes the moment he steps past the main entrance of the Batu Caves temple and his mind conjures the majestic image of Lord Muruga.

Such was his devotion to the place. And this was the same man who decided this year to join the Thaipusam celebrations in Penang instead, after the tidal wave of handphone text messages from Indian youths calling for a boycott of Batu Caves. Speaking of Indian youths, my friends in KL tell me they have noticed another trend – a positive one – that has emerged since the Hindraf rally and the detention without trial of the movement's main luminaries, including leader P Uthayakumar.

Gang fights, once notorious among Indian youths in Malaysia, are hardly reported these days, my friends say. It appears that the Indian has suddenly realised that his enemy is not another Indian. It’s needless to say who he now thinks the enemy is.

The MIC and its insurmountable S Samy Vellu, meanwhile, are trying to do all they can to put a respectable sheen on what happened – and did not – at Batu Caves this year. I smiled as I read the MIC president’s utter denial that there had been a boycott, and that the damning text messages had failed to do their job.

My sister-in-law who went to Batu Caves out of sheer curiosity said she saw huge pockets of emptiness in places that were usually teeming with people during previous year celebrations. Someone else told me over the phone that he took his elderly mother up the caves to perform her prayers and was down within 45 minutes - a record, considering that the same feat took two and a half hours the previous year.

This person also said he only saw dozens of make-shift stalls set up for business this year inside the temple compound – compared to the hundreds visible in previous years. As for Samy Vellu, those boycott messages that also called on people to pelt him with sandals should give him an idea of how immensely popular he is.

Pak Lah wants earlier mandate from people...

Source : The Star
Image : Net

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has, for the first time, revealed there will be an early general election to enable the Government to go ahead with its development plans.

“It will be good to have a good mandate from the people so that the Government can go ahead with its development programmes,” said the Prime Minister when responding to a question in an interview on CNN’s World News Asia yesterday on why he would call for an early election.

Abdullah said the possible involvement of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the next elections was not a factor on his mind.

“There are other matters that I have to think about before I recommend the dissolution of Parliament and fixing the date for the elections,” he said.

Abdullah is attending the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

He also said that the Government was talking to a lot of people to address the problems affecting Malaysian Indians as well as groups and NGOs representing them.

Abdullah said the Government had successfully reduced the poverty level from 60% after independence to 5.7% currently, with a small 1.2% who are still living in hardcore poverty....he...he...he...what a lie

In DAVOS, the prime minister said the Asean Charter had laid the foundation for the grouping to successfully meet the challenges of a globalising world.

He said the grouping’s full potential had yet to be realised, adding that the only constant factor would be the centrality of Asean as a group.

This would be especially in managing regional affairs and seizing the opportunities, he said during the plenary session on The Emerging Asian Community: The Role of Asean at the World Economic Congress’ annual meeting yesterday.

The other speakers were Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien-Loong, Philippines President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and HSBC Holdings group chairman Stephen Green.

Abdullah said Asean’s central role was not only to ensure South-East Asia’s continuing stability and prosperity but also to ensure the peace and security of the wider East Asia.

On another matter, Abdullah said Malaysia would include inter-faith dialogues as part of the agenda at the World Economic Forum (WEF) on East Asia in Kuala Lumpur on June 15 and 16.

He said the issue was important to help promote greater understanding among people from multi-ethnic faiths.

He said WEF executive chairman Prof Klaus Schwab had suggested the topic be included as it could help reduce conflicts between the West and the Muslim world during their meeting on Thursday.

Speaking to Malaysian journalists after his plenary session on Faith and Modernisation, which drew a packed audience, Abdullah said he spoke about the negative view of Islam as a religion that supported terrorism.

He said Islam was not the problem but political, economic and strategic interests involving Muslims were.

Malaysian PM's popularity hits low ahead of poll...i wonder why...eeemmm

Source : BBC UK
Image : Net

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 25 (Reuters) - The Malaysian prime minister's approval rating has hit a personal low as the country gears up for early elections, with voters unhappy over rising prices, racial tensions and crime, a pollster said on Friday.

The poll by market research firm Merdeka Center gave Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi an approval rating of 61 percent in December, the lowest since he took office in late 2004 and down by 10 percentage points from November.

A rating of around 60 percent would be considered decent in many Western democracies, but not in Malaysia where the opposition is weak and the mainstream media pro-government.

Badawi's rating has slipped from a high of 91 percent when he took power.

"It's still pretty high but he would want it to be higher," said Ibrahim Suffian, director of programmes at Merdeka.

The centre, which randomly polled 1,026 voters by phone, found that their main concerns were the rising cost of living, followed by race issues and rising street crime.

Race relations are always an issue in multi-ethnic Malaysia, but tensions snapped in November when more than 10,000 ethnic Indians took to the streets to accuse the government of discrimination against their community.

That followed another anti-government protest, by a similar-sized crowd calling for fairer electoral laws, but the Indian protest hit a nerve with the government which ordered some of the organisers arrested under tough security laws.

Badawi suffered his biggest loss of support among the Indian community, the poll found, but Indians only make up around 7 percent of the population. The politically dominant Malays make up around 60 percent and the ethnic Chinese, who dominate business, account for around 25 percent.

Parties belonging to these main ethnic groups make up the ruling coalition, which has effectively governed since independence in 1957 and is again considered certain to win the next election.

The Merdeka poll showed that the coalition could suffer most from a protest vote by the Chinese, to the benefit of a Chinese-backed opposition party, the Democratic Action Party.

"I think, roughly, if you look at the numbers, the DAP will do relatively well," the centre's Ibrahim said.

The next election is not due until 2009, but political experts widely expect polls to be called before end-March.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Uthaya risks heart attack: family

Source : Malaysiakini

Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar who has been hospitalised during a hunger strike is at risk of suffering a heart attack, his fiancee said today.

Uthayakumar, who is protesting against being jailed without trial along with four other activists, was taken to hospital from a detention centre in Perak yesterday, suffering from dehydration and stomach pains.

His fiancee Indra Devi Subramanian said he was handcuffed to the hospital bed despite being in an extremely weak condition after going without food since Monday.

"The first blood test shows that his potassium level is very high and the chance is for him to have a heart attack. He also has very severe gastric pain and has had difficulties in breathing," she told AFP.

Indra said that Uthayakumar, who was taken into detention in December after helping organise unprecedented protests alleging discrimination against minority ethnic Indians, was under heavy guard.

"They're still treating him like a prisoner, even on the bed. It's very sad to see his condition. He can't move anywhere because one hand has the drip and the other hand is handcuffed to the bed," she said.

"There's about eight to 10 policemen always surrounding him, they are there 24 hours a day, inside and outside the room."

Committed to continue

However, she said he was committed to finishing the hunger strike which is due to end on Monday.

The four other detained activists from rights group Hindraf are also on hunger strike, along with dozens of supporters around the country, organisers said.

The five were jailed under the Internal Security Act (ISA) last month after the mass rally, which police dispersed with tear gas and water cannons.

Malaysia's ISA allows for indefinite detention without trial and has been condemned by human rights activists who say it should be abolished.

Ethnic Indians, who make up eight percent of the country's population, complain they are discriminated against in terms of opportunities, education and jobs.

Muslim Malays, 60 percent of the population, control the government while ethnic Chinese, at 26 percent, dominate business.

YennaMike Says : Mr. Uthayakumar, please take care of yourself, our prayers are with you god bless....

Received this via email : Special Pooja at Subramaniam Temple, Port Klang - 25/01/08 @ 7pm

--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 00:22:36 +0800
Subject: Special Pooja at Subramaniam Temple, Port Klang - 25/01/08 @ 7pm

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Please pass this message to our Klang Valley makkal via your blog, website or even sms.

Today(25th Jan 08), there'll be special pooja for the last day of "Unnavirtham" at the Subramaniar Temple in Port Klang and prayers for our dear brother Uthaya who has been admitted yesterday. The prayers is scheduled at around 7pm.

Please come and show them our support.

Valgha Makkal !

Detention of Hindraf leaders not according to procedure

Source : Thaindian News
Image : Net

Kuala Lumpur, Jan 25 : The detention of five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders last month was not carried out by the Malaysian Police according to procedures spelt out in the Internal Security Act 1960, lawyer Karpal Singh said in the High Court.

Karpal Singh submitted at a habeas corpus hearing that the orders given out for Hindraf leaders were only valid for detention but not arrest, which ought to have been carried out before the detention.

He said the first respondent in the case; the Internal Security Minister and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had not applied the law in a just manner.

Karpal Singh added that had there been an arrest, P. Uthayakumar, V. Ganabathirau and T. Vasanthakumar, and lawyers R. Kenghadharan and M. Manoharan, would have been investigated and given 60 days to put up a defence before the minister made an order of detention under the ISA.

He said there was a procedural non-compliance when the minister proceeded to make the order of detention under section 8(1) of the ISA without affecting an arrest under section 73(1) which he was required to do.

“Section 8(1) does not provide for arrest. It only confers power on the minister to make an order of detention. This is also a fatal flaw which nullifies the applicant’s initial arrest and continued detention at the detention centre in Perak,” he said.

The New Straits Times Online quoted Karpal as saying that the representation against the detention of the five, which was addressed to the ISA Advisory Board chairman, was instead directed to the board’s secretary.

Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail in his reply said the respondents did comply with the procedural requirements when issuing the order of detention.

Anwar plans Malaysia comeback

Source : FT
Image : Net

Anwar Ibrahim will kickstart his political comeback through a delayed by-election if the Malaysian government plans parliamentary elections in March, before a ban on the former deputy prime minister’s involvement in politics ends.

Speaking at a news briefing in Hong Kong on Thursday, Malaysia’s de facto opposition leader said that about 20 MPs had offered to stand down to clear a path for his return to electoral politics.

Mr Anwar was a leading figure in the ruling United Malays National Organisation until 1999, when he was imprisoned on corruption charges that he maintains were baseless. A subsequent sodomy conviction was overturned and Mr Anwar was released in 2004, but is banned from serving in any government or political positions until April 8. His wife, Wan Azizah Ismail, heads the opposition People’s Justice party and occupies the party’s only seat in parliament.

Abdullah Badawi, Malaysia’s prime minister, does not have to call elections until next year, but wants to hold them before, say government advisers, cutting popular fuel subsidies. An early election would also have the advantage of pre-empting Mr Anwar’s formal return to politics.

The opposition leader’s imminent return comes at an awkward time for Mr Abdullah’s Umno-dominated National Front coalition government, which is facing rising inflation, increasing crime and social tension among the country’s Indian minority over alleged racial discrimination. Only on Wednesday, Mr Abdullah warned his party leaders not to expect the landslide victory he achieved in 2004, when he took over as prime minister.

Detained Hindraf leader in Malaysia hospitalised - UPDATED...!!!

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KUALA LUMPUR: An ethnic Indian leader in Malaysia, who was on a hunger strike to protest against the detention of himself and four others under a draconian security law, was hospitalised after complaining of weakness, his wife said on Thursday.

47-year-old P Uthayakumar, a member of non-governmental Hindu Rights Action Forum (Hindraf) which spearheaded protests against alleged marginalisation of ethnic Indians, was hospitalised this afternoon following the hunger strike, which the five men began on Monday.

"My husband is a diabetic and I suspect his sugar level might have gone down following the fast," his wife Indira Uthayakumar said.

The five Hindraf activists were detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for having organised a massive rally, declared illegal by the government, on November 25 last year demanding better treatment of ethnic Indians in the Muslim-dominated Malaysia. The rally was attended by over 20,000 people.

The ISA, which allows indefinite detention without trial, has come in for criticism by the human rights groups.

Uthahyakumar, a lawyer and brother Hindraf Chairman Waytha Moorthy, was put on a drip in hospital in northern Perak state after he complained of weakness.

Ethnic Indians, mostly Hindus from Tamil Nadu, comprise 8 per cent of Malaysia's population of 27 million people.

YennaMike Says : Mr. Uthayakumar, please take care and god bless....

Extract from The China Post...our voices are heard in CHINA / TAIWAN...!!!

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- An ethnic Indian activist was hospitalized Thursday during a hunger strike protesting his detention for having organized a rally demanding Indian minority rights in Malaysia, his wife and a hospital official said. P. Uthayakumar, leader of the Hindu Rights Action Force, or Hindraf, was given an intravenous solution in a hospital in northern Perak state, said his wife, Indra Devi Subramanian.
Indra said she called the detention center from Kuala Lumpur on Thursday to check on her husband, who had not eaten since Monday morning. She said she was told he was taken to a hospital for dehydration. "He's a diabetic. That's why I'm worried," she said.

Vickneswari, keep the challenge

A letter to Vickneswary
Source : Email via M'Kini

I refer to the Malaysiakini report 'My husband not a turncoat'. Kindly allow me to share my letter to Vickneswary with your readers.

Dear Vickneswary,

You are a very brave person. From what you have said, I recognise the challenges you are facing. Having been with families of ISA detainees since Operasi Lallang in 1987, I can understand what you are going through. Life takes a 360 degree turn. I am glad you were so forthright in what you said. I believe the Hindraf five are united. The police will use all kinds of dirty tactics to create suspicion, division and fear.

Many people do not understand the anxiety, the pain and the loneliness that ISA does to wives, children and family members. This is the ugly part, the inhumanity in the use of the ISA. This is what makes the oppressor - the suppressive government - succeed in controlling human rights activists like Vasanthakumar and the others. Remember, we are proud of them and the position they took in relation to the rights of the minority Indians.

But most of all do not isolate yourself from others. The Special Branch will come around or make contact, be nice and will sound helpful. But their whole agenda will be to separate you from those who give you support. They will constantly tell you that Vasanthakumar will be released if you cooperate. And this, in short, means give up the struggle of protecting the rights of our people.

The best way to remain strong and true is to become part of the family support group. The children too will have new friends and fun. By sharing with the people affected and with others who support the struggle, you will see yourself transformed. I am sure there is so much potential in you, waiting to explode. Now is the opportunity.

As women, we have a strength that is difficult to measure. And as women, we make the difference to the struggle. Keep the challenge. We are with you and all detained under ISA. This struggle will make us and our children free.

The writer is Tenaganita director.

YennaMike Says : Thank you for the letter and your support...Sis Vick, seen or on seen we are right behind Makkal Sakthi

Kg Baru folk helped Hindraf marchers

A Thoughful Write up by Baba of Bangsar

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Najib: Crackdown on dissent averted racial clash.

I thought this reason given by the deputy prime minister for the arrest of the Hindraf leaders was indeed frivolous for a man of his stature. If not for the arrests, he said: ‘... then we have the spectre of a serious possibility of a racial clash in this country’.

What bunkum. It is totally irresponsible for the deputy prime minister of the country to issue such provocative statements of a racial nature

Political leaders who continue to influence this kind of racial politics that contribute to the perennial racial divide in this country ought to be ashamed of themselves. It is people like him who utter such irresponsible comments that contribute to the respective communities continuing to sneer and scorn at each other.

There ought to be a period to undertake the process of healing and there is no need to render such comments of this type. Reprehensible rhetoric coming from the second-most powerful politician in this country is totally unnecessary

Let us be sensible. Let us argue and debate national issues in a honest and rational manner. There is no need to be emotional in our arguments. We have just celebrated 50 years of independence and throughout all these years, until recently, we have enjoyed harmonious interracial interaction.

It does bode well for the country for such statements to spew from the mouth of no less the deputy prime minister. I don't think this deputy prime minister was aware that during the Hindraf peaceful rally, when the police fired their tear gas and water cannons, many of the Indian marchers near the KLCC had to run to nearby Kampung Baru for cover.

And guess who gave the marchers refuge? None other than some of the Malay residents of Kampung Baru.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bumi policies affecting investment...aper nak di kato..?

Source : AFP
Image : Net

Former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim said today Malaysia was losing out economically to regional rivals because of long-running policies favouring ethnic Malays.

He said Malaysia's ability to attract foreign investment had been compromised by keeping the country's affirmative action policies in favour of the Malay majority.

"That policy is obsolete... We are losing our competitiveness. Malaysia is less competitive than the 1990s," Anwar, whose PKR party is formally led by his wife, told reporters in Hong Kong.

"Foreign investments, we have lost. Growth, we have lost. Attractiveness, which is key to an emerging market, is lost. Not to China and India, but to Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia because of our obsolete policies.

"If you persist in pursuing this agenda, you do it not only at the expense of the Chinese and the Indians, but also of the Malays."

Malaysia has pursued the policies for Malays and indigenous groups known as bumiputras since the 1970s to close a wealth gap with the minority Chinese community.

In recent months, the government has been shaken by rare public demonstrations which erupted last November, including against alleged discrimination against the country's ethnic Indians.

Religious controversies

Anwar added that Malaysia's creeping 'Islamisation' was also turning away foreign investors.

Malaysia has experienced a string of religious controversies in recent months.

A Catholic newspaper was banned from using the word 'Allah', in its Malay language section, while a Hindu woman lost her bid to stop the conversion of her child to Islam after Malaysia's highest court ruled that her now-Muslim husband can convert their elder son.

Anwar was sacked from the former government of Dr Mahathir Mohamad in 1998 after being jailed for six years following sodomy and corruption charges.

The sodomy charge was later overturned and Anwar was released but he is barred from public office or holding any position with a political party until April because of the corruption conviction.

Anwar added that an upcoming election, expected to be held in March, would be crucial in determining Malaysia's future.

"Given free and fair elections, these elections will be a defining moment for the country," said Anwar, at a press conference organised by the Hong Kong-based Asian Human Rights Commission.

He added he thought his opposition PKR party would damage Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's Umno in the vote.

Anwar said about 20 potential legislators running for his party were prepared to stand down once he is able to take part in a by-election after his ban expires.

Haram makan kelapa pemujaan....aiyooo, coconut keh UP aah...!!!

Source : Berita Harian Online
Image : flickr (net)

KUALA LUMPUR: Umat Islam diharamkan memakan kelapa yang diketahui digunakan penganut Hindu untuk menyambut Thaipusam yang disambut penganut agama Hindu, semalam.

Mufti Perak, Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria, berkata hukuman haram itu kerana buah berkenaan digunakan untuk upacara pemujaan dan penyembahan yang ternyata syirik dan bertentangan dengan agama Islam.

Sehubungan itu, katanya umat Islam yang mengetahui kelapa yang dibeli itu sudah digunakan untuk upacara itu ditegah menggunakannya untuk masakan atau keperluan harian lain.

"Sekiranya kita tidak tahu kelapa itu dikutip daripada upacara pemujaan, itu tidak mengapa. Tapi kalau tahu, haram hukum memakannya dan kita tidak boleh bersubahat atas perkara yang mensyirikkan kerana benda (kelapa) yang sudah disembah, haram dimakan," katanya ketika dihubungi di sini, semalam.

Beliau diminta mengulas mengenai kebimbangan orang ramai terutama umat Islam untuk membeli kelapa dalam masa terdekat ini kerana khuatir kelapa yang dibeli itu dikutip daripada upacara pemujaan.

Harussani berkata, umat Islam seharusnya tidak mengambil ringan dengan perkara itu kerana ia boleh menjejaskan keimanan seseorang.

Sementara itu, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah (Bahagian Penguat Kuasa) Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna (KPDNHEP), Iskandar Halim Sulaiman, berkata penjualan kelapa yang digunakan dalam upacara memecah kelapa sempena sambutan Thaipusam, memang berlaku pada saban tahun.