Sunday, March 8, 2009

Your children will be the next victims

I came across this article by Madhatter and i thought i should share it with you

Source : M’Kini
By : Madhatter

I refer to the Malaysiakini report French daily reveals grisly details of Altantuya's death.

In light of the latest revelation by the French journalist whose report appears credible, the government must now conduct a royal commission into the Altantuya case because the image of the country has been seriously tarnished.

Why was the police report mentioned in the French journalist's article not used as evidence in the Altantuya case? Why did the attorney-general not appeal the acquittal of Abdul Razak Baginda? You don't need to be a crime writer to know that it all smells fishy.

Soon all will come to light and those who think they can get away with murder will not be able to sleep peacefully at night. They don't deserve to and they will be brought to account sooner or later.

The world is a small place and those who run away to other countries should be put on notice that they can't run and hide from the truth and their murderous deeds.
The Altantuya case will be the undoing of Malaysia because never in the history of the nation has our image been so badly tarnished by the murder of an innocent woman who - when you consider the size of the arms deals she was involved in - was merely asking for peanuts.

Was her life worth only RM 500,000? I don't think so and the real murderers of this woman must be punished. Najib Abdul Razak must be asked to step down immediately and be asked to explain the allegations. It is not the first time he has been implicated in the murder of Altantuya and it is not the first time too that he is allegedly involved in corrupt defence purchases dealings.

How can such a leader whose reputation is in question continue on to become the country's next prime minister? It would be terribly irresponsible of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Umno leaders to allow someone like Najib to pretend as if nothing is the matter and it is business as usual.

I'm positive more mud will be surface to make it totally unacceptable for Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor to occupy the country's most important household. We will be the laughing stock of the world and only an independent inquiry involving foreign experts will be able to clear Najib.

No one should be able to act above the law and attached to the Altantuya murder is a murky and corrupt defence deal. The French company ought to be made to come clean and disclose what commissions were paid and to whom.

If a company owned by Abdul Razak Baginda gets such a hefty commission and Najib was the one who approved the purchase being the then defence minister, it makes a mockery of the government's pretense at arresting corruption. Since the MACC itself has come under cloud and become a tool of the administration, a royal commission is the only viable recourse to unearth the truth.

Najib does not have the character required of the top job and if former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad sacked Anwar Ibrahim for a lesser 'crime', the floundering Abdullah can in a last act of courage show he has the moral backbone to sack his embroiled deputy.

But so far, it seems all who have come out with the truth including Raja Petra Kamaruddin have landed in hot soup and the real guilty ones escaped punishment.
No one should be deceived that the Umno-led administration is rotten as Dr Mahahtir once remarked. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi himself was implicated in the Iraq food-for-oil scandal.

Many allegations of corruption involving those in government including the latest by a PKR politician that he was offered RM50 million by Najib to conspire the downfall of the Pakatan government in Perak have all not been satisfactorily explained.
It is this failure of the police and the MACC to do their job properly that makes the whole lot of them reek of nauseating stench.

The rakyat must be determined to vote out politicians that have destroyed the country. They have corrupted justice and think they can get away with it. They must not be allowed to pour scorn on the rakyat because we have the ultimate power and not the sultans or the government which decide what is good for the country.
When all who are entrusted with taking care of our rights and welfare fail us, it is time to get rid of the whole lot of them.

Some day, there will be a reckoning and those who have abused their power now will not be able to cover up their rotten deeds any more. When a new and decent government is in charge, then they must remember the dark deeds of the political criminals and even if justice is late in coming, they will meet it face to face and feel their shame.

But for now, the rakyat must rally behind the underdogs, those politicians with conscience including an Umno politician like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah who dares to speak his mind. His sincerity will be tested when he is prepared to back rhetoric with convincing action, like former Umno minister Zaid Ibrahim.

The rakyat must rise above politics because the future of the nation is at stake and whether you are a Pakatan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional supporter, surely you can't support any politician who is corrupt and has done so many wrongs to destroy the country.

Enough is enough and all those who continue to support criminal politicians will only end up ensuring that their children will be the next victims.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Was Kugan really a Suspected Car Thief...??

By YennaMike
Image Source : M'Kini

Reading the article about Kugan’s post mortem report both from MalaysiaKini and The Star news paper it makes me to ponder – with all these cover ups by our Police Department and Pathologists both under oath to serve public and uphold the law....was Kugan really a Suspected Car thief. ..!!. If a suspected car thief had to go through such severe punishment why wasn’t Abdul Razak Baginda and co. (suspected murderers of Altantuya)wasn’t given a similar treatment to spell out the truth. How about Mat Rempits, you don’t hear them getting arrested and beaten to death but instead public are the ones getting beaten by these Mat Rempits.

The World is already laughing at Malaysia by the way Altantuya’s case was handled not to mention the recent revelations by Arnaud Dubus in The French Liberation newspaper. Our Perak crisis which seems to have lots of imbalance by the way things are being conduct and don’t forget another controversial “correct....correct...correct...” case i.e. our own judiciary manipulation crisis – the Lingam’s Case.

I really feel sorry for Kugan’s family for being put to the test by all these accusations and ongoing legal battle. Her son might have been labelled as “suspected car thief”, but i’m proud that she is fighting for her son’s justice...again was Kugan really a Suspected Car Thief or is this another cover up by our Police Department to hide the truth...??

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What's next for Perak - ISA Arrest...??

Finally the Police came up with an idea on how to intimidate the Representatives attended and passed 3 motions on Tuesday....he...he...he... “ illegal gathering “ pulak...!!!. Nice try but keep trying – well if it was an illegal gathering to pass 3 motions outside of the State Building since our “friends” decided to lock it up...wonder would it have been legal to have it inside the compound of the State Secretariat Building.

I guess this must be the first attempt to overrule or invalidate the 3 motions passed during the “Historical” pokok democracy meeting held in our Silver state. Eeemmm will this work – i’m a bit worried but keeping my fingers crossed since the strings are being pulled again and again by our Federal Government to seize power in Perak. I’m just pondering what are the average “Perakians” think about what’s going around in their State. I’m also wondering why MACC not questioning the 3 PKR reps who decided to switch over side but instead going after Speaker V.Sivakumar...eerrrmmm.

The legal battles have started with favouritism more towards the ruling party and we all know why. Once again i’m still wondering why we are not given the opportunity to our fellow “Perakian” to decide who they want as their Menteri Besar and state representatives.

Soon it will be the usual ISA Arrest...for reasons you know what....haiyaaa...!!!. Will democracy “shine” in our Silver State.....let’s wait and see.....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


By : YennaMike

Malaysia Boleh is the word we all hail from time to time to remind ourselves what we are made of. Over the years since this word was first hailed the “Positivity“ of this chant has lost its shine but it shined very well in the Silver state of Malaysia this morning.

Malaysia Boleh...yes we can have an Emergency State Meeting at the Car Park under a huge tree (pokok demokrasi) and managed to pass three motions – well done to those who supported this cause. This has proven that people who representing our fellow “Perakians” lived up to their voters expectations to show what they are made of not to mention Speaker V.Sivakumar who chaired the meeting despite the court cases filed against him.

Although many quarters are labelling this act as insulting the Sultan, in my own opinion it’s ‘rakyats’ representatives doing their best to be able to serve them and honour their term by the constitution and at the same time exercising their rights as elected representative to seek Sultan’s consent.

The “Rakyat” should be given their rights to choose who they want as their representatives. This political imbalance which will not settle down until an amicable solution is reached again my humble opinion is to let the “Rakyat” decide who they want as their representative and a motion should be passed to stop elected representatives from jumping “ship” until they complete their elected term to stop similar situation arising near future.