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Banners Dedicated to Samy Vellu in Kulim, Kedah....with lost of LOVE

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Kapar testimony to MIC representation

A Letter By : Kapar Sink via M'Kini
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I refer to the Malaysiakini report MIC may be shaken and stirred in Kapar.

For S Samy Vellu to claim that MIC has done much for the Indians to counter the Hindraf issue, I think we need not look further other than Kapar, Selangor which is a constituency held by an MIC representative.

There is an Indian orphanage in Kapar town (nearby the Chinese school-Soo Jin) which is providing shelter for some 30 young boys and girls, some orphaned and others abandoned or left there to be taken care of by the centre. The centre is occupying two single-storey terrace houses for which the rentals have been paid in advance by a charitable organisation. The caretakers are volunteers and the centre is kept going though donations by the public.

Neither Samy Vellu nor any of his MIC representatives are aware of their existence nor do they even care since none of them have ever been there even though this is their constituency. So what are the chances of these poor boys and girls leading a normal live and having a fair chance to compete equally in society?

Assuming it is twenty years later, is it wrong for these boys and girls to then raise the issue of being neglected by society if they are unable to get a better life? Will they be placed under the ISA or be condemned by MIC for misleading the public?

And for the menteri besar to claim that Selangor is as developed as Singapore, I think either he has never been to Singapore or he has never visited Kapar. The roads along Jalan Bukit Kapar and Jalan Iskandar are sinking and have never been improved over the years.

These roads are also very dusty and there is even an illegal dumpsite whereby open burning is carried out almost every evening. I remember the kampung folks have highlighted this to TV3 before but nothing much could be improved because the culprits are said to be well-connected someone in the municipal council.

Kit Siang still draws the crowd in Penang

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He dejectedly walked away from Penang politics following his dual defeats in Bukit Bendera parliamentary seat and Kebun Bunga state seat in the 1999 general election, putting an end to his party’s long held dream to rule the state.

He then made a comeback in 2004 in Ipoh by winning the Ipoh Timur federal seat. He is defending this seat in this general election.

However, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang is still a crowd puller and an influential political character in Penang.

This was clearly evident with the crowd he pulled every time he made an appearance in this island-state. The latest, on Wednesday night for a ceramah, was no different.

About 1,000-odd voters applauded Lim when he arrived to address them at a DAP rally in Bandar Baru Air Itam on that night. Since electoral campaign began, this was the first time Lim has addressed a DAP rally in Penang.

Although he has lost his voice due to over-speaking in rallies elsewhere, he did not lose any of his usual firebrand style.

The crowd cheered and clapped each time he drives home a political point, especially when he took a swipe on Umno's political hegemony.

He called on Penangites to take the lead to initiate the political change in the country and to vote for a stronger opposition presence in both the federal parliament and state legislative assembly.

He said the country was at a critical political crossroad and each vote in this general election was imperative to decide the nation's future direction.

He said Umno's hegemony and total political dominance had rapidly grown into a monster threatening international relations, economic competitiveness, democracy, electoral fair play, racial unity, religious harmony and social stability.

"Penang voters have an important decision to make here. Deny the two-third majority of the ruling party, both in the state and Parliament," Lim told the voters, who have braved a heavy downpour to hear the DAP speeches.

End Umno’s political hegemony

He said that Makkal Sakti (people's power) fervour fired up by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) was not merely a tagline to inspire voters to cast their ballots for the opposition.

He said Makkal Sakti was a spirit, desire and zeal of people's drive for change, equality, fairness, freedom and democracy

He said it does not belong just to Indians and supporters of Hindraf, but to all Malaysians who love their country.

Not only Indians, he said, but Chinese, Pribumis and even Malays were marginalised in the country.

"I believe that the Makkal Sakti will inspire all to go the political change long overdue in this country.

"The Umno political hegemony and dominance must come to end," said Lim.

He criticised Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's BN government’s failure in making this country a secure place to live and invest.

"The BN has failed in providing security, checking inflation, increasing foreign direct investments, scientific and technology based innovation and invention, education excellence and upholding democratic values.

"Abdullah's has a bad report card for his miserable performance in his four-year reign as the Prime Minister," he said.

The time is right

Earlier, Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow called on Penangites not to split their votes and disrupt the party’s drive to initiate changes to the political landscape of the country.

"You should cast both your state and federal ballot papers to the DAP or the opposition parties, not to Barisan Nasional," he said.

Penang has a sizeable number of voters who practise the so-called `notorious' split-voting trend in which they would cast one vote to BN, mainly for state seats, and the other for DAP mainly for the parliamentary seats.

This is main reason behind DAP's failure to capture more than one state seat in three successive general elections despite winning between three and four parliament constituencies.

Chow said it was crucial for the voters to deny the ruling party the two-third majority at parliamentary and state legislature levels in view of the delineation exercise of constituency boundaries due to take place in two years time.

Chow warned voters that if BN was not denied its two-third majority this time around, the imminent delineation would make it virtually impossible for DAP and others to make any considerable inroads in coming elections.

"Therefore it is crucial for Malaysians to deny the two-third majority to safeguard democracy, free and fair elections in this country.

Opening Speech by Lim Guan Eng at the DAP General Election National Convention

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The 2008 General Elections Will Either Give Hope To Secure Our Children's Future With National Unity, Greater Political Freedoms, Economic Opportunity And Shared Prosperity Or Condemn Malaysians To Relive Over and Over Again UMNO's Discriminatory And Divisive Policies

I wish to first thank all DAP leaders and members throughout the country for taking time away from preparing for the Chinese New Year and travelling far to be here in Penang for this important DAP 12th General Elections National Convention. The journey you have taken is worthwhile because we are all united by a common belief - That Malaysia Can Do Better!

When Malaysia undertook the great journey of Merdeka in 1957, we were promised basic human rights and freedom, political equality, equal economic opportunity, shared prosperity and socio-economic justice. 50 years later these Merdeka promises remain unfulfilled. We have somehow not lived up to our expectations and our potential.

Malaysians face a crucial choice. We either stand condemned for repeating the past mistakes and failures or change by rising up to the challenges of a new globalised community.

The Barisan Nasional government has failed to deliver its promises of justice, respect for rule of law, sharing our economic wealth, lower crime rates, equal opportunity, reduced corruption, greater political freedom, accountability and good governance during the 2004 General Elections.

The crime index in Malaysia rose by a record 45% between 2003 and 2007 with violent crimes increasing by 119%. 9 women get raped daily now as compared to half the number when Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi first became Prime Minister.

Rising prices has made life more difficult. The government claims that inflation is only 2%. This is a lie when we all know that prices have increased by more than 20%. Corruption has worsened than when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi became Prime Minister in 2003 with mega scandals such as the RM4.6 billion Port Klang Free Trade Zone Scandal or extraordinary wealth accumulated by the Port Klang ADUN Datuk Zakaria.

From No. 37 in the 2003 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index when Abdullah became Prime Minister, Malaysia has dropped to No. 43 in 2007. US financial research house Morgan Stanley even estimated that Malaysia lost US$100 billion to corruption over the last two decades.

Malaysians Demand Fair And Equal Treatment, Not As Political Beggars

Whilst the Rakyat are suffering from high crimes, corruption and inflation, the government continues to restrict human rights and freedoms with ISA arrests and impose draconian media control. DAP reiterates our demands for the immediate and unconditional release of the 5 Hindraf leaders under ISA detentions in Kamunting.

Any community would demonstrate and protest if their temples are torn down and Tamil schools discriminated until they are built near cemeteries. DAP condemns MIC and BN for using the ISA against those who tell the truth.

Chinese and Tamil primary schools do not get a fair allocation. Chinese primary schools only receive 3.6% of total development allocation despite having 21.2% of the student population and Tamil primary schools 1.3% of development funds despite having 3.2% of the total number of primary school students. This works out to development funds of RM 4,50 and RM 11 for each Chinese and Tamil primary school student respectively per month as compared to RM 33.30 per student per month for national primary schools. Abdullah allocated RM23.5 million to one secondary school in Penang, much higher than all the 96 Penang Chinese primary schools combined.

Instead of voicing our sufferings and aspirations, BN Wakil Rakyats uses foul language to demean women, the disabled community, minority races and religions without being punished. Malaysia is already 50 years old. We are no longer a child but our leaders sometimes behave worse than a child. Its time to send Wakil Rakyats with integrity, decency, righteousness and some intelligence into Parliament and State Assemblies.

Malaysians have suffered enough! We can do better. Malaysians demand fair and equal treatment, not be treated as political beggars who can be bought over with a few thousand ringgit for temples and schools during general election.

The coming general elections is not simply a contest between political parties. It is shaping up as a contest of principles and ideals. Between ideas of change and inertia, knowledge and ignorance, justice and injustice, freedom and oppression, equal opportunity and cronyism, integrity and corruption and between right and wrong.

8 Core Issues And A RM 40 Billion Stimulus Economic Plan

There are 8 core issues that matters to Malaysians:-

1) Institutionalising democracy with electoral reforms of clean and fair elections, reintroduce local government elections, abolition of all laws that are against basic human rights and freedoms as well as end all discriminatory practices based on race, religion and political affiliation;

2) Need for shared prosperity and hardships by reducing the burdens caused by rising prices and inflation. DAP proposes a RM 40 billion stimulus plan to give a yearly RM 3,000 to individuals earning less than RM 3,000 a month and a yearly RM 6,000 to families with combined incomes of less than RM 6,000/-;

3) Introducing the Malaysian First Economic Policy based on equal opportunity, needs and performance;

4) Crime prevention by employing 100,000 more policemen to patrol the streets and establishing the Independent Complaints and Misconduct Commission(IPCMC) to restore public confidence in the integrity and effectiveness of the police;

5) Quality education centered on excellence and needs. Education should not be politicized but all schools, including vernacular schools, should be treated fairly based on needs;

6) Fighting gender discrimination;

7) Promoting good governance with integrity by fighting corruption; and

8) A healthy environment with clean air and water.

This contest is more than just a battle for the hearts and minds of voters, it is a critical battle for the future of Malaysia. Malaysians need to shed our fears and fatalistic mindset if we are to succeed to facing up to changes of globalization. BN forgets that freedom is an integral part of development.

Development As Freedom

In his book, "Development as Freedom", the great economist for the poor and Nobel laureate Amartya Sen wrote that development is a process of expanding real freedoms. He identified 5 instrumental freedoms that contribute towards the general capability of a person to live more freely:-

1. Political freedoms
2. Economic facilities
3. Social opportunities
4. Transparency guarantees
5. Protective security

Political freedoms encompass basic human rights and freedoms ranging from freedom of expression to freedom of the press and information; democratic elections at all levels including local government and respect for rule of law. Economic facilities refer to opportunities to utilize economic resources. Social opportunities refer to education, health and other arrangements that influence an individual freedom to live better. Transparency guarantees gives the freedom to deal with one another under full disclosure to prevent corruption and malpractices. Protective security is needed to provide social safety net to prevent deprivation and poverty by providing social assistance and disaster relief.

There is no doubt that based on Amartya's parameters of economic and political freedom, Malaysia has failed to fulfill our Merdeka promise of basic human rights and freedom, political equality, equal economic opportunity, shared prosperity and socio-economic justice. The time has come to begin our next 50 years journey by reclaiming the Merdeka promises. Not just for ourselves but for our children.

When DAP seeks a brighter future for our children by opposing UMNO or its surrogates/agents in MCA, MIC, SUPP and Gerakan, DAP is accused of "using Chinese to check Chinese". And yet MCA, Gerakan, SUPP and MIC continues to support UMNO's policies they know are wrong.

And also urge voter to support extremist UMNO leaders and MPs such as the one-eye open, one-eye close MP from Jasin, the "bocor" UMNO MPs, Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Mohd Ali who opposed building new Chinese primary schools and pig rearing, Penang Deputy Chief Minister for directing the destruction of the Too Boo Keong temple and Selangor Chief Minister for destroying Hindu temples.

MCA/Gerakan/MIC have a deficit – a moral and courage deficit. A moral deficit by supporting that is wrong and turning black to white as well as a courage deficit by not daring to stand up for what is right.

A Vote For MCA/Gerakan/MIC/SUPP Is A Vote For UMNO's Political Dominance

Clearly by continuing to support UMNO's policies detrimental to the Chinese community and Malaysians, it is MCA/Gerakan that is actually "using Chinese to check Chinese" of "Malaysians to check Malaysians". To send a strong message of disapproval to UMNO, Malaysians need to reduce MCA/Gerakan/MIC votes or seats won because each vote supporting MCA/Gerakan/MIC is equivalent to supporting UMNO.

DAP wishes to stress that we are not fighting only for Chinese votes or Indian votes. We are fighting for every Malaysian vote to reduce UMNO's political dominance that threatens national unity and democracy in Malaysia. UMNO's political dominance is built on discrimination and division based on race and religion.

DAP believes in democracy and equality. We believe our ideas are superior, our ideals stronger and our principles nobler. We gather today to discuss our General Election Manifesto offering solutions to our nation's problems and make a positive difference in lives of ordinary Malaysians. The highest income inequality in Malaysia is unacceptable that 20% of the richest population owns 51.2% of the economic wealth whilst the poorest 40% owns only 13.5%. There must be equal opportunity, shared prosperity and rule of law.

We will also talk about the state of our elections preparations and the need of potential candidates to move as part of a team. We shall also discuss how to deal with BN's politics of money, fear, threats, lies and cheating to pervert the voters' will with assistance from the Election Commission. DAP must fight the coming general elections as one team, one heart, one spirit and one agenda of change.

Malaysians must first believe that Malaysia needs a change. Change to perform better. We must believe in our ability to change. DAP can not bring about change alone, we have to do it together.

The 2008 general elections will either give hope to secure our children's future with national unity, greater political freedoms, economic opportunity and shared prosperity or condemn Malaysians to relive over and over again UMNO's discriminatory and divisive policies.

Therefore, Malaysians arise. You have nothing to lose but your fears. Your have every political and economic freedom to gain. We Can Do Better. Just Change it...!

More "Hantu Voter" - and the list is getting Longer...!!!

By Azlan Nizam via

Malaysia should be proud... our life expectancy is very good ... I think.. we have the most people with the age of 100 and above... Thanks to our previous Health Minister campaign "Cara Hidup Sihat" & "Have A Safe S**" .... need any proof ??

Read below...

NO IC pengundi hantu yang telah kantoi...boleh check di

87120574 015

And please forward this to all Malaysian....

A Promise Already Not Kept

Source :

Before the elections are even over, one promise has already been broken by all political parties. They have not fielded significantly more women candidates at all. Here's the analysis of the female candidates fielded by the Joint Action Group on Gender Equality (JAG).

Joint Action Group for Gender Equality
Press Statement
27 February 2008

Political Parties Have Not Achieved the 30% Quota for Women
in the 2008 General Election

The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG) is disappointed that the percentage of women candidates nominated to stand at this 12th General Election is a dismal 8.2 percent of the total number of 1568 seats contested. This is a far cry from the Government’s target of ensuring at least 30 percent women in decision-making positions.

Only 128 women candidates are fielded to stand, out of a total 1568 parliamentary and state seats. While there is an increase all round in women candidates, but the increment of 2.2 per cent is still minimal (6.0% in 2004 and 8.2% in 2008).

JAG is also disappointed that political parties have chosen to pit one woman candidate against another. For example, in Bukit Bintang (Carol Chew, MCA and Teresa Kok, DAP); Lembah Pantai (Dato’ Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, UMNO and Nurul Izzah Anwar, PKR); and Bukit Lanjan (Yong Dai Ying, Gerakan and Elizabeth Wong, PKR).

This defeats the objective of getting more women into politics. If the parties are serious about wanting more women in decision making positions, they should have nominated women in winnable seats which are the party strongholds.

The continued nomination of identified sexist MPs, in particular Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan), Mohamed bin Aziz (BN-Sri Gading), and Baharuddin bin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai) who have been repeat offenders over the past 10 years also constitute a disregard and disrespect for women voters.

JAG monitored the number of candidates for this 2008 General Election and the results are as follows:

Source: various newspapers, NST, The Star, The Sun, 25 February 2008. NST, **25 March 2004. Online Website: (2008)

Several observations can be made and they are as follows:

1. More effort is definitely expected from the political parties. The promotion of at least 30 per cent for women at all levels of decision making process is an affirmative action and temporary measure. This policy is contained in Chapter 13 of the Ninth Malaysia Plan (2006-2010). It is also a commitment echoed by the Prime Minister.

In YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Badawi’s speech at the 2005 inaugural lecture of the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi Women’s Institute of Management (W.I.M) annual lecture series, YAB said:

“When the history of the 21st century is recorded, let Malaysia be mentioned in the context of not only progress and achievement for the country, but also the advancement and empowerment and emancipation of women.”

1. Sexist MP, Datuk Mohamad Said Yusuf, Jasin has been dropped from the 2008 Election. This is a victory for the JAG’s campaign against sexism and discrimination at the Parliament. However, there are still thirteen (13) more sexist MPs who have been nominated for this General Election. They are:

i. YB Bung Mokhtar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan)
ii. YB Mohamed bin Aziz (BN-Sri Gading)
iii. YB Badaruddin bin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai)
iv. YB Idris Haron (BN-Tangga Batu)
v. YB S. Samy Vellu (BN-Sungai Siput)
vi. YB Raja Dato’ Ahmad Zainuddin bin Raja Haji Omar (BN-Larut)
vii. YB Dr Mohamad Hayati bin Othman (PAS-Pendang)
viii. YB Salahuddin Ayub (PAS-Kubang Kerian)
ix. YB Shabudin Yahaya (BN-Permatang Berangan)
x. YB Datuk Jasmin Mohamad (BN-Sungai Dua)
xi. Timbalan Yang di-Pertua Dato’ Haji Muhamad bin Abdullah
xii. Tuan Haji Wan Junaidi bin Tuanku Jaafar (BN-PBB-Santubong)
xiii. YB Abdul Fatah Harun (PAS-Rantau Panjang)

2. As mentioned, women candidates are being pitted against one another. It is unfortunate that political parties view this as a “sexy” election ‘strategy’. This gives voters the false hope that the political parties are championing for women’s rights and equality. Yet if we assess their performance for this election, they have hardly reached the 30% mark. Fielding a woman candidate against another is also counter productive as it cuts back the affirmative action of pushing for at least 30% women representation in Parliament or the State Assemblies.

3. Women candidates are placed in “difficult” seats and not WINNABLE seats. In the case of Lembah Pantai and Seputeh, young women are pitted against strong women incumbents.

Given the many obstacles women face in the political arena, a temporary measure is not just in increasing numbers but making sure these women will win these seats. Most of these women candidates are contesting for the first time and are armed with very little experience to deal with the challenges of the election.

4. Women candidates are not featured well in the Media. They are portrayed as either young against the old (Nurul Izzah Anwar and Dato Seri Shahrizat) or as service-only MPs (Chew Mei Fun, Theresa Kok). This tends to belittle the issues that they represent.

5. There is a significant increase in PAS women candidates, from only nine candidates to fifteen candidates in this election – an increase of 40%. Seven women are contesting for the Parliament seats in 2008, when there was only one woman for Parliament in 2004.

JAG would also like to stress that numbers are not the only effective indicators. Participation of women has to go beyond numbers and to move towards a qualitative transformation of women in shaping national decision making processes.

Following the 12th General Elections, JAG urges the political parties to nominate more women into local councils. At the moment, women appointed at the local authority level are only 12.5 per cent.

Before and during the next general elections, some temporary measures that political parties can take will include enabling factors such as:

∑ Train women in leadership skills and knowledge.

∑ Conduct gender awareness programmes with men and women. This will enable every party member to understand women’s realities, especially in women’s quest for political leadership. The programmes will also prepare them to be more accepting of women taking on leadership roles by overcoming social and cultural barriers. Field women candidates in winnable seats while veterans should take on the challenge to contest in tougher constituencies.

∑ Allocate more human and monetary resources to increase the outreach of women candidates

The media can also play a role and allocate more space and air time on stories on these women candidates

JAG looks forward to having more women in the parliament, state assemblies and local councils as women in public life are important to democratic change and gender equality.

Issued by
Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG)
Pusat Janadaya (Empower)
Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO)
Sisters in Islam (SIS)
All Women’s Action Society (AWAM)
Women’s Centre for Change (WCC), Penang

If you don't vote MIC, 'prepare to pay price'...are you threatening US...MIC..!!!

Source : M'Kini
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The Barisan Nasional ruling coalition today warned the disenchanted minority Indian community that they would "pay the price" if they vote for the opposition in March 8 elections.

MIC, part of the BN coalition, took out full-page newspaper ads which said Indians' prospects would "disintegrate" if they deserted the government.

The message is aimed at winning back the support of the community, which accuses the government dominated by Muslim Malays of insensitivity and discrimination.

"If you don't vote for MIC, then be prepared to pay the price," it said in bold red letters, urging Indians not to cast a protest vote for PAS, which rules impoverished Kelantan.

"Vote for PAS and see where Kelantan is today. If you think that you are not progressing under MIC, then you can now imagine getting disintegrated under PAS," it said.

Ethnic Indians have become a political force for the first time in the March elections, after an anti-discrimination rally last year that led to the detention without trial of five activists from rights group Hindraf.

Samy's act of desperation

Hindraf coordinator R Thanenthiran said the ads were a sign of desperation from MIC chief S Samy Vellu, who has been heckled and jeered for supporting the government and condemning the protesters.

"Samy Vellu is definitely threatening Indians," he said. "This shows that he has lost all of his avenues to woo votes and is flexing his iron muscles to win."

"But the Indians are educated. They are not cowards. They will be not be intimidated by the threats. Indians want their rights that has been denied for 50 years," he added.

Ethnic Indians complain that they are disadvantaged by policies aimed at boosting majority Muslim Malays, and the community has also been angered by the destruction of hundreds of Hindu temples in recent years.

Pollsters say they expect the multi-racial coalition, which has ruled for half a century, to be victorious on March 8, but with a smaller majority as it loses the support of ethnic Indian and Chinese voters.

Samy revives late 'MGR' for votes

Source : M'Kini
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YennaMike Says : Few months ago a subject was raised why Malaysian indian are still behind in time, Samy says no they are well educated and in par with the time...well if your words were true why are you treating as if all Indians are still behind time and hoping MGR will campaign for you...??

Embattled MIC president S Samy Vellu is hoping to use the star power of Tamil actor MG Ramachandran to rope in the votes in this general election.

Last night, the late actor - who is popularly known as MGR - was raised from the dead in the form of an impersonator for an event in Sungai Siput, Perak.

Samy Vellu was also present at the bash which had numerous local performers belting out songs and dancing to the tunes.

The MIC president, who looked exhausted, rushed to the venue from an earlier ceramah in Lintang. Also present was his running mate and Jalong state seat candidate, Cheah Chee Kuan.

Surrounded by an army of local Barisan Nasional leaders, the 71-year-old politician walked through the night market on his way to the stage.

He mingled with the traders and patrons who appeared rather startled by his unannounced presence.

Across the road, his rival from Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), Dr D Jeyakumar was leading a 10-member delegation.

The duo - who are facing each other for the third time - did not acknowledge each other’s presence. Jeyakumar will be contesting under the PKR banner.

Addressing a crowd of 200, mostly MIC members, Samy Vellu asked them to vote for him and Cheah in the March 8 polls.

"We will bring development and changes. We will look after of all the demands of the people of Sungai Siput," he pledged.

PSM ceramah

About 10 meters behind the MIC stage, was PSM's makeshift stage - a lorry trailer. Some 400 people gathered to hear Jeyakumar and DAP Jalong candidate Lee Mee Meng.

However, their voices were nearly drowned by the music blaring from the huge speakers at the MIC event.

"Look at the gap, it's just a stone's throw away. They (MIC) are using their financial might and intimidating the voters. They will only make people hate them more with such cheap tactics," said an enraged local resident, T Rajen, 34.

A DAP volunteer claimed that the crowd at their ceramah was "genuine and not paid" to attend the function.

"Their stage alone cost RM5,000, ours is a lorry, given by a member for free. The people’s support for us is genuine," said the volunteer, who only identified himself as Chai.

While MIC is confident of retaining the Sungai Siput parliamentary seat, party insiders agree that they might lose some of the support from the Indian voters.

Businessman A Sakthi Vellu, who converted his building to a temporary MIC operations centre, said the business community here supported Samy Vellu.

His younger brother Kumar, an MIC volunteer, is also confident of a victory.

"We have the Malay and Chinese votes. No problem with that," he said.

As Samy Vellu left the area, an old Tamil song was played and the lyrics went "Aacham Enpathu Madamaiyada." (There is no reason to fear).

RM1m spent in poll ads first 3

Source : M'Kini
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The ruling Barisan Nasional coalition has spent RM1 million in print media advertising in the first three days of the election campaign, said corruption watchdog Transparency International-Malaysia.

“In the first three days of the period under monitor - Feb 25 to 27 - BN was projected to have spent a cumulative total of RM1.049 million,” said TI president Ramon V Navaratnam.

The amount does not include TV advertisements in which TI conceded were where the “lion's share of election advertising monies are believed to go”.

However, the organisation will begin monitoring political parties' expenses for TV election advertisements beginning today.

According to Ramon, the TI study was part of a regional project to promote transparency in political financing.

Over the 13-day campaigning period, TI is monitoring election advertisements in six English dailies, five Malay newspapers, four Chinese titles and three Tamil dailies.

Ramon said that TI’s estimated advertisement cost is based on normal advertisement rates quoted by the various publications surveyed.

If the cost of advertisements was to be divided proportionally among BN candidates, TI said that each parliamentary contestant would have spent RM2,220, while each state candidate, RM1,103 on print advertising alone.

Scrutinise candidates expenses, EC told

Ramon argued that this cost should be reflected in the candidates’ expenses where under the law a parliamentary candidate can spend only up to RM200,000 while a state candidate RM100,000, in election campaign expenditure.

This means that BN candidates have only RM197,780 (for parliament seat) and RM98,897 (state) left to spend for the remaining 10 days of the campaign period.

“TI urges all (political) parties to declare all their advertisement expenses and to require their candidates to report their respective share of such expenses,” said Ramon.

“TI also urges the Election Commission to closely scrutinise the candidates' expenses report and be prepared to lodge police reports for any under-reporting found.”

According to TI, there was no election advertising by opposition parties - PAS, DAP and PKR - over the first three days of the electoral campaign in the 18 monitored newspapers.

“This is the first time that campaign expense monitoring is being monitored,” said Ramon, who is a former top civil servant.

“This is a new addition to election process monitoring and media content monitoring that had started from previous elections and is being performed in this election as well.”

Thursday, February 28, 2008

MIC Candidates – The Truth About Them...!

Source : Blogger Praveen - thanks...

Samy Vellu has been saying that he is including new faces as MIC candidates for the elections. They’re made up of professionals (teacher, doctor, lawyer, etc.). Samy Vellu also said that his selection is based on the capabilities and commitment of the candidates to serve the community.

The following is a brief breakdown of some MIC candidates that you should know before you decide to cast your vote:

S. Anandan

One of the new candidate is Anandan s/o Somasundaram; a teacher. He is the MIC candidate for the Lunas state assembly seat. Will S. Anandan really serve the community? Please read the attached PDF file MIC Lunas Candidate. The following is a brief description of that document: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MIC LUNAS CANDIDATE.PDF

Page 1:

A lawyer’s notice was sent to the school where he teaches demanding to know the disciplinary action taken against S. Anandan following the police report lodged against him by a student. The reply from the school principle on 21st April 2002; with Sek. Men. Serdang’s letterhead is displayed in Page 1.

Page 2:

This is the copy of the actual police report lodged on 11th March 2002 against S. Anandan by a student who was framed by the teacher who will now stand for election as an MIC candidate to serve the community. It was this report that led to the issuance of lawyers notice as mention in Page 1.

Page 3 & 4:

This is an official letter from Taman Cempaka MIC Branch (under Bandar Baharu-Kulim Division) that was sent to ‘Pengarah Pendidikan Negeri Kedah’. The letter describes Anandan’s gangster like activities, behaviors and his claim that “no one can touch him” because of his political connections. Other things mentioned are his victimization of students including outraging the modesty of female students. The letter ends by seeking the Kedah education department to transfer him out to another district.

The transfer request was not entertained. It seems Anandan is so powerfully connected that even the Kedah Education Department is powerless to do anything. Who is the powerful politician that protects this ‘gangster’ who calls himself a teacher? Your guess is as good as mine.

Page 5 & 6:

This is the letter sent to S. Muniandy; the Kulim-Bandar Baharu MIC Division Head. It’s written by a brother seeking justice for the wrong Anandan committed against his sister. Anandan then sent gangsters to threaten the complainant.

Page 7 & 8:

This is a letter written to Dato Seri Samy Vellu and also copied to Kedah Menteri Besar Dato Seri Mahdzir Khalid. The letter decribed Anandan’s criminal activities and seeking Samy Vellu to take disciplinary action against Anandan.

What is the end result of all the letters and complaints against Anandan???

For all his crooked behavior, Samy Vellu rewarded S. Anandan by selecting him as an MIC candidate for the Lunas State Assembly. It is now very clear that the powerful politician protecting Anandan is none other than Samy Vellu. Anandan was chosen by Samy Vellu for one reason only. To be Samy Vellu’s lap dog and do his every bidding.

Anandan will not serve the Lunas community!! He will only serve himself and his master Samy Vellu. Anandan will become rich at the expense of the Lunas community!!!!

The scenario is the same elsewhere:

Dato Saravanan:

Dato Saravanan the MIC candidate for Tapah parliamentary seat is a gangster extraordinaire because he made a name for himself in politics while remaining a gangster in the background. He became close to Samy Vellu in the 1980’s. The story goes that at an MIC meeting; a member of the public made a statement critical of Samy Vellu. To defend his boss, Saravanan jumped over a railing and punched the poor guy for daring to criticize Samy Vellu. Ever since then, Saravanan was in Samy Vellu’s good books. Saravanan belongs to Gang 08; one of the main Indian gangs in Klang Valley.

During MIC and Maika Holdings mettings; Saravanan sends his thugs to ensure no one raises a voice against Samy Vellu. It shows one of the thugs from Gang 08 employed to maintain ‘Law & Order’ at the Maika AGM. The guy must have been very proud to belong to Gang 08 that he shaved the number ’8’ at the back of his head to show his affiliation. When shareholders asked questions demanding for answers, these thugs will brutally manhandle, hurt and throw them out of the hall.

Saravanan also sent his thugs to Batu Caves on the early morning of 25th November 2007 during Hindraf rally. After FRU pushed the people into the temple compound, Indian gangsters closed and locked the main gates. After ensuring the gates are securely locked, the thugs then started instigating the people to retaliate against the police. Eyewitness reports mention that the first bricks were thrown at the police by a highly aggressive group of men (these are the thugs sent by Saravanan) who kept instigating people to join them. Mayhem then ensued; police fired tear-gas and water cannons into the temple compound and the rest is history.

This gangster is now one his way to be called “Yang Berhormat”. Who do you think he will serve?? The public???? Nah !!!!!! he’ll only serve himself and his leader!!!!!!!!!

S. Sothinathan:

The incumbent MIC parliamentarian for Teluk Kemang (Negeri Sembilan) and Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Evnvironment. He helped Samy Vellu hijack 9 million Telekom shares awarded to Maika Holdings. They robbed Indians in broad daylight. Sothinathan with his boss Samy Vellu stole more than RM 120,000,000.00 (Yeap!! That’s 120 million ringgit) from the Indians by stealing the Telekom shares. Do you seriously think he will serve the public????? Nah !!!!!! he’ll only serve himself and his leader!!!!!!!!!

Note: Telekom shares scandal in detail in the article MIC: The Hidden History. For those who haven’t read it, please click here to download MIC-The Hidden History

S.A. Vigneswaran

The incumbent MIC parliamentarian for Kota Raja (Selangor) and Youth and sports Ministry’s Parliamentary Secretary. He is the son of former MIC parliament member in 80’s; the late Mr Sanyasi,JP. His cousin; Mr Sellathevan. is a former MIC Youth leader and a Member of Parliament in 90’s. His family runs a businesses in port Klang, no thanks to their MIC link.

However, he is also a gangster in disguise. His younger brother, S. Balan Kumaran; also known as Seroja Balan in Klang; is a notorious leader of Gang 24, another large Indian gangster group in Klang Valley. Seroja Balan also runs his own scrap metal and haulage business.

As the crime rate among Indians in Klang area reached serious levels, the police department transferred ACP Paramasivam to Klang to tackle the problem of Indian gangsterism. ACP Paramasivam was extremely successful in destroying the Indian crime lords in Klang; of which Vigneswaran’s brother was one. Unable to take the heat, Seroja Balan went into hiding. Vigneswaran then used his political influence to make a deal. The story goes that ACP Paramasivam was transferred out from Klang. Seroja Balan then surrendered and what was his punishment?? The hardened criminal was only sentenced to 18 month of restricted residence and banished to Raub, Pahang. Have you ever heard of a hardened criminal not being put in jail and only sent for restricted recidence?? Well, the Vigneswaran with the help of his political master Samy vellu ensure that Seroja Balan was not jailed.

It did not end there; sources informed while in restricted residence, Seroja Balan lived a luxurious life in a rented bungalow. He also opened a scrap metal business in Raub called Teguh Metal Sdn.Bhd. Ever heard of a banished criminal running a business? Apparently, if you are protected by Samy Vellu, you can work wonders. On top of that, he also managed to influence the Raub MIC’s committee selection.

Dr Vasan Sinnadurai

The MIC candidate for Pasir Panjang State Assembly seat. is a good doctor no doubt. He was the Head of Orthopaedic Department at Taiping Hospital and resigned the post after being selected by Samy Vellu. Why is he selected from the list of hundreds of capable people? The secret is because he has been Samy Vellu’s personal orthopaedic surgeon for years. The foremost criteria for the MIC leaders selection of a candidate is that the person must display ABSOLUTE loyalty to Samy Vellu. The compassion to serve the community is a non-issue. Samy Vellu only wants candidates who will follow his every bark and movement. So Dr. Vasan, you are welcome to join the new list of Samy’s slaves.

Kamala Ganapathi and Komala:

I do not want to waste my time writing about these two useless ladies. Tie a saree on a mannequin; elect them into office and they’ll do a better job than these two.

Word has it that the two ladies were not on the shortlist of MIC’s 2008 election candidates. The two it seems met Samy Vellu and cried their hearts and souls out to the useless fellow and managed to melt his heart (if he has any!!) and managed to retain their place.

Kamala Ganapathi’s late husband was a loyal secretary for Samy vellu and he retained her because she is totally loyal to him and will do anything he says. Will she serve the community???

This the truth about them, what you say? still going to vote for them? Its time for a change in our society, we cant take anymore crocodiles like Samy Vellu and his new faces or old faces. These peoples are bunch of rubbish and do not deserve to serve the country. Please for once make a change. I am sick of MIC lies,drama and crocodile technology. Remember, people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of people.

MIC may be shaken and stirred in Kapar

Source : M'Kini
Image : The Star

For all that the MIC considers Kapar to be its fortress, the parliamentary seat will be one to watch this time around.

Incumbent P Komala Devi won the seat comfortably with a 14,588 majority in the 2004 elections, but an upset may be on the cards - all because of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

Her opponent this time will be PKR’s S Manickavasigam, known to close associates as Mike, who hopes to cash in on the Hindraf factor and latent discontent in the Indian community.

Kapar has 112,224 registered voters - the largest constituency in the country - with Malays forming the majority at 51.4 percent and Chinese at 35.4 percent.

Indians make up 13 percent, working mainly in oil palm plantations and the factory sector. With an average household income of about RM900, they feel the sting of recent increases in the price of fuel and consumer goods.

But resentment rooted in racial discrimination has become the single-biggest catalyst in recent months, manifested in strong support for Hindraf and its leaders. Manickavasagam counts himself among supporters.

“I have the support of almost 98 percent of the Indian community here. This time, Komala will lose because the voters know that MIC and its members have done nothing but cheat the people,” he claimed when met at a pasar malam in Taman Intan.

“Komala was chased out when she came here (Taman Intan) what more evidence that you need to show that MIC has lost its relevance here?”

During his walkabout, his supporters - all Indians - waved PAS flags and shouted out ‘vote for PKR and PAS’.

Dislodging Komala will be no walk in the park, although a local resident offers the view that Malays are “50-50" in their support and that Chinese voters are known to be pro-opposition.

‘Disregard rumour’

Komala discounted speculation that she will be booted out, expressing confidence that she will be able to retain the seat.

“We have the strongest support, not only from the Indian community, but from the Chinese and Malays as well,” she said after meeting with some 50 supporters near Taman Intan.

Asked to comment on the apparently strong anti-BN sentiments among the Indians there, she denied that such feelings exist.

“There are no anti-BN sentiments but confusion. MIC has always been the favourite party in Kapar and will remain so,” she claimed.

MIC has addressed the main issues - crime, employment and vernacular education - about which all voters are concerned, she added

Some obviously think otherwise. One resident said he is upset with Komala, claiming she has not visited Kapar even once following the 2004 elections to listen to the grouses of the residents.

“We have called her and sent text-messages and she has not replied even once,” he alleged.

Another resident echoed the comment, and added that it is high time the MIC is taught a lesson.

“Kena ajar diorang ni sikit bang, tak buat kerja. Harga barang naik, minyak naik, (We have to teach them a lesson, they don’t do their work; the price of goods and fuel has gone up),” he said, asking not to be named for ‘fear of getting into trouble’.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ethnic Indian party bids to shore up credibility

Source : The Hindu
Image : Net

KUALA LUMPUR (AP): Malaysia's key ethnic Indian party took out advertisements in major newspapers Wednesday in a bid to shore up its credibility ahead of upcoming general elections.

The Malaysian Indian Congress, an important partner in the ruling National Front coalition, took out the full-page advertisements in a bid to win back the support of ethnic Indians who are angry with the government for what they say is racial discrimination.

More than 20,000 ethnic Indians staged a rare protest in November to demand racial equality, saying they have been denied jobs, education and religious rights in favor of ethnic Malay Muslims.

Ethnic Indians have traditionally supported the MIC and the ruling coalition, but many now say they plan to vote for the opposition.

Wednesday's advertisements carried the slogan "MIC Cares" and the party pledged to be "the community's custodian."

The party said it has helped preserve Tamil-language schools, managed temples, and created a number of educated and professional Indians over the past two decades due to its proactive involvement in the government.

"We have never said 'no' to you approaching us at any time. That's the truth," it said.

The MIC is contesting only nine out of 222 parliamentary seats in March 8 polls, but the Indian anger may singe the community's support for other ruling coalition candidates.

"It is nothing but false advertisement" said N.Surendran, who is a member of the Hindu Rights Action Force, or Hindraf, which organized November's rally.

"Indians are angry because they are marginalized. The MIC doesn't have the courage to stand up for Indian rights. If they had done so, why are the Indians in such a terrible condition?" he said. "I will definitely vote for the opposition."

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's approval rating among ethnic Indians plunged to 38 percent in December, from 79 percent in October, according to a recent survey by the independent think tank Merdeka Center.

Ethnic Indians make up 8 percent of Malaysia's 27 million people, while ethnic Malays make up 60 percent. Ethnic Chinese account for about a quarter of the population.

Because their numbers are so small, the Indian discontent is unlikely to significantly shake the ruling coalition's grip on power.

The National Front, which won 91 percent of parliamentary seats in 2004 polls, is expected to win easily. However, it has acknowledged it may win fewer seats this time.

'Husband, wife'? More like cats and dogs

Source : M'Kini
Image : Net

Even if MIC and the community’s ties were like a husband and wife, then the wife should divorce the husband and sue him for everything he is worth.

On MIC, Indians ties 'like husband and wife'

Anantha Paskaran: Well, lets take it one step further. MIC as the husband, fools around with other women (unfaithful and loyal to everyone except the spouse), spends away the family money on himself and his parasitic friends leaving the family in the poorhouse.

MIC's friends don't give a damn about the so called irresponsible husband's family either. What is the poor wife to do?? I think she should divorce him, sue him for everything he is worth, last but not least seek alimony and child support!

Individual Right: Samy Vellu has no right to analyse that the Indian Malaysians and MIC are like husband and wife. He has no right to analyse. The Indians, being Malaysian citizens, have the right to decide for themselves the right party or person whom they would like to represent them in the government. So please don't hoodwink the Indians as the election is just a few days away. MIC and Indians ties is more like cats and dogs.

Christopher Yogaswaran: ‘Similarly, the Indian community should not ask what the MIC has done for them because we have shown them what we have done," Samy told reporters after a meet-the-people session at Batu Kawan in Penang today.’

The right to question is a trait of a democratic system. Asking us not to question means that Samy Vellu is in breach of the democracy and leading the way to a dictatorship. Furthermore, we as Indian Malaysians - whom Samy Vellu and MIC claim to represent - have every right to question, since it was us that had elected the likes of such people in the first place.

Moreover to question is to maintain a state of check and balance. Why wouldn’t Samy Vellu and MIC want check and balance? Have they got something to hide? Thank you Samy Vellu for denying us our democratic right. Vote MIC if you want your democratic rights taken away from you.

Viv: Let us first and foremost understand ourselves who is 'husband' and 'wife' as quoted by Samy. I believe 'husband' refers to the Indian community and 'wife' the MIC. As he mentioned, the husband shouldn’t question what the wife has done for him.

So for argument sake, if the wife (MIC) doesn’t discharge her responsibilities properly, that means the husband (the community) has to keep quiet and just follow. Now I hope Indians understand the true colours of Samy and his leadership traits. He wants the community to just accept what is given and not complain over what is not given.

In other words this confirms that he has indeed cheated and deprived the community throughout his tenure as president of MIC. Vote for Change

MIC, Indians ties 'like husband and wife' mean i talk you listen, hello this is 21st century...!!

Source : M'Kini
Image : Net

The relationship between the Indian Malaysian community and MIC is like husband and wife, according to party president S Samy Vellu today.

In this relationship, the husband should not ask what the wife has done for him, said the embattled veteran politician.

“The wife prepares morning tea, lunch and dinner for him, cleaning, taking care of the children. Whatever happens in the house have been taken care of by the wife, so the husband shouldn’t question what she has done for him.

“Similarly, the Indian community should not ask what the MIC has done for them because we have shown them what we have done,” he told reporters after a meet-the-people session at Batu Kawan in Penang today.

He said these examples include MIC helping the community in problems relating to higher education and instances such as difficulties in sending their children to school.

“If there is any question (from the community), we (MIC) have the answer,” a tired-looking Samy Vellu said.

Following the Nov 25 Hindraf rally, there was an unprecedented wave of dissatisfaction over the performance of Samy Vellu and MIC as well as issues linked to discrimination and marginalisation of the community.

If I remain in gov’t...

The 72-year-old MIC leader also welcomed the election manifesto launched yesterday by the Barisan Nasional - of which MIC is a component party - which promised security, peace and prosperity for all Malaysians.

“Based on the manifesto, I am very confident that the government will do, have to do (what it has stipulated). A manifesto is a promise to the people. A manifesto is something for implementation.

“I have filed it (manifesto) in my own file. If I remain in the government, I will bring it up from time to time to tell the government what it has promised, which have to be done,” he said.

Earlier, Samy Vellu addressed about 200 people from the area.

Batu Kawan is one the three stops in his visit to Penang today. The two others are in Perai and Bagan Dalam, all of which are in Penang’s mainland and have sizeable Indian voters.

There was heavy presence of police throughout his visit, possibly to deter incidences where Samy Vellu was accosted by angry voters from reoccurring.

Malaysia's opposition tempts voters with promises of handouts, matchmaking...

Source : Herald Tribune

Malaysia's opposition sought to attract voters Tuesday by pledging to eliminate corruption, provide handouts to poor families and even help unmarried women find husbands if it wins March 8 general elections.

Opposition parties acknowledge they have little hope of defeating Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's National Front coalition, but their electoral pledges underscore their allegation that Abdullah presides over a graft-plagued government that neglects ordinary people.

The Democratic Action Party announced an election platform titled "Just Change It," promising to ensure that government contracts are awarded fairly and to give 6,000 ringgit (US$1,860; €1,260) a year to cash-strapped households if the opposition wins power.

"To many Malaysians, this election is the last hope for change," said party chairman Lim Kit Siang. "It will be the clincher in ... whether there is hope to build a democratic, just and competitive Malaysia."

Lim's group has made a pact with the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, better known as PAS, and the People's Justice Party to field only one candidate in each constituency to avoid splitting the opposition vote.

PAS pledged Tuesday to build more low-cost homes and help villagers set up small businesses if it retains control of northeastern Kelantan state, the only one of Malaysia's 13 states not ruled by the National Front.

The party's election platform for Kelantan also vowed to "overcome the issue of women who marry late" by promoting matchmaking facilities and encouraging a lower dowry, but gave no details. It also plans to boost maternity leave from 60 days to three months.

The People's Justice Party, led by prominent politician Anwar Ibrahim, announced a platform that could entice ethnic minorities by promising to dismantle a decades-old affirmative action policy that benefits the Malay Muslim majority.

"Affirmative action based purely on race ... has been shown to be too vulnerable to abuse," the manifesto said. "It is pointless and divisive to insist that each racial group has its own economic solution."

Prime Minister Abdullah insisted Monday the opposition is making "empty promises" to voters. His coalition's own platform promises to create 2 million new jobs in five years and slash the percentage of people living in poverty from 3.5 percent to 2.8 percent by 2010.

The National Front won 199 of 219 parliamentary seats in 2004 polls. It has acknowledged it will likely win fewer seats this time amid complaints over rising inflation, crime and racial and religious tensions.

Are they Phanthom Voters or are Rembau people are the OLDEST in Malaysia...?

Fishy isn't it...they found 5 dodgy voters in Rembau so far...this is where our PM's Son in Law - Khairy Jamaluddin contesting...

Thanks to Malaysian for higlighting this.....
Click on the image to enlarge

Show Hindraf 5 our gratitude...

Source : KillBill07
Image : Net

Before you lay yourself down to sleep tonight, take a moment to think of the Hindraf 5 currently being detained under the ISA in Kamunting. Just wonder what must be going through their minds, as they lie on their beds. Without doubt, they must be missing their wives and children. Take a moment to think of their children who cannot see, hug or play with their fathers.

The Hindraf 5 must be wondering how to support their families since they are out of work. They must be thinking how to continue the struggle for the Indians in this country since their freedom has been so unjustly taken away from them. They may even wonder if the Indian Malaysians have forgotten them.

Now, take a moment to think of our prime minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Think of him lying on his comfortable bed in Putrajaya. Do you think he feels an iota of guilt, since he was the one who signed the ISA instructions to wrongfully separate these men from their wives and children? Think of MIC President S Samy Vellu lying on his bed after a good dinner with his family.

Do you think he feels sorry for the plight of these men, since he was the one who boldly declared to the international media that they were detained under the ISA on mere suspicions that they had terrorist links? Both of them know in their hearts that these men are innocent, but they had to selfishly put them away to safeguard their political futures.

How can we continue to allow these kinds of men to be our leaders?

The MIC was supposed to take care of the Indian community’s interests all these years, but only after the Nov 25 Hindraf rally do you see the government taking such a keen interest in this deprived community. Million of dollars have been ‘promised’ for Tamil schools. The chief secretary to the government has been instructed to ‘look into’ hiring more Indians for the civil service. An Indian boy falls to his death at a school in Puchong, and Umno Youth now sends an officer to visit the family and investigate!

Would all this have taken place if not for Hindraf? If your answer is ‘no,’ take a moment to think about where their struggles and sacrifices have landed them.

How do we repay these men who put the interests of their community above themselves and their families? How do we give back for the sacrifices they have made?

The best thing we can do is to free them. How do we do it? The ISA is the tool of this government. If this government is replaced in the next elections, the ISA will fall, and the Hindraf heroes will be freed. Therefore, if you value the sacrifices these men, their wives and their young children have made for your interests, then all you registered voters should make a commitment to vote against the Barisan Nasional on March 8, election day.

Go out in force and urge your families and friends to go with you. Just remember that every vote counts. The government has taken us for fools by promising a lot of last-minute goodies and last-minute development plans. Let us show them that we are not fools.

Most importantly, come election day, let us show Uthayakumar, Manoharan, Kenghadharan, Ganabatirau, Vasantakumar and their families that we have not, and will never forget them

How will history remember Indians?

A Letter by : Christopher Yogaswaran via M'Kini
Image : Net

Who we are now shapes the history that will be told to future generations of Indian Malaysians.

For the last 28 years, the political representatives of the Indian Malaysian community have been in power without making progress in the basic aspects of life for the very people they represent.

But now a non-political group - one that is neither influenced nor motivated by power - has come along. It comprises truly concerned, intelligent and educated people who champion the fundamental rights of the people. This group brought awareness and truth to the surface, and the government acted swiftly to change, with promises of more to come.

However, these people have been incarcerated - deprived of their loved ones, jobs and security of life. Though unreachable and untouchable, they still wish the best for all Malaysians, especially the neglected ones.

And the political representatives are now riding high on the winds of change brought about by the incarcerated to the extent of resurrecting promises of the past. And we all seem to be geared up by the changes they promise.

The incarcerated ones are facing unjust persecution. However, their victory in getting the government to listen to the issues of the marginalised Indians are what we, and many others, stand to enjoy if this government wins again in this coming election.

But a point to note here is that these promises are being made by the same government that marginalised us in the first place.

My question is: As Indian Malaysian, where do we stand? Are we without the direction towards the truth? Don’t let another 28 years pass. Don’t let our children find out the truth and criticise us for making the same mistake twice in the last 56 years.

How will we make history out of this? Will we be remembered as a righteous and united community of Indians that demanded the release of the incarcerated? Or will we be self-gratifying Indians who lack a sense of unity and, like parasites, feed off of the struggles of others? It remains to be seen in the coming elections.

Vote against arrogance

A Letter by : KJ John via M'Kini
Image : Net

Lord Acton said, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Over the years, I have learnt that this is in fact an absolute statement and no ordinary human is really exempted from it. We saw it in 10 years with Republican rule in America and we saw the same thing in Australia. Those with absolute power think, "you are with us or against us!" The Malaysian Government is no different.

After 50 years in office, since independence, the Malaysian Government is truly reflecting the epitome of the nature and culture of all such corrupted power. Ketuanan Melayu is the name of this game. The General Election is the therefore the classic opportunity for ordinary people to participate, to vote, and to make whatever changes are needed and felt in governance. It is always the ordinary people who really finally decide, never the party in power; although they have full control of all the levers of influence. Regardless, ultimately it is the individuals who walk up and can make a choice to define the difference.

As we now see in America, have seen in Australia, and again in Pakistan, determined and convicted people have the power to make change happen. Sometimes sacrifices are even needed. Benazir Bhutto died for what she believed and the people did believe her too. The former Australian PM lost his seat. The American people are also asking for change for all the corrupted rhetoric of power systems; and Obama seems to have given voice to all this yearning.

It is now going to be our turn. Are we mature enough to become a "developed nation?" Or, are we only condemned to remain a developing nation torn down by tribal and ethnic rhetoric of a feudal form? This article is an open one to all Malaysians to think of the reasons why we too must also vote for change in Malaysia; I am going to.

It is now an established fact, thanks to a climate of openness nurtured by the Pak Lah Administration that the Government of the Day not only has a lot of power but has continuously used and abused this power with very poor and corrupted governance. Such abuses of power, as become very evident and amplified by the Lingam case in particular. The almost absolute power has seriously contributed to the rise of corrupt practices across the board and throughout Federal, State and Local Governments. Such corruption has been happening over the last 27 years because of the weakening of the originally designed system of checks and balances.

The more than 2/3rd majority in Parliament is the singular core issue which makes for the Executive State; and, the resulting impotence of the judiciary is a directly related issue. The consequentially muzzled and blindly obedient media is the ultimate result of unchecked power. Bribery and corruption happens daily and directly before our very eyes. Shame in Malaysia is no more. Election goodies are being dished out without impunity; with total disregard for the Election Commission. They too are in cahoots with the government. The Law was even amended to allow the Chairman to continue for one more year! The government can therefore see no wrong, hear no wrong and do no wrong, so long as all their agents are "barisan actors."

Integrity agenda

Minister Rafidah used to say, she has no time for "role-players!" She only believes in assuming a role but never in playing a role. By this she means that everyone should be fully accountable for their every action. Really Minister, did you assume or play a role when you dished out all those APs to your "close friends" and allies? I am sure it was for the sake of developing the auto industry in Malaysia!

What about the new holiday boat bought for the PM in the name of the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong? Did you ask Pak Lah who is playing the role here? Was it Pak Lah or the King? And the new plane, whose money was used? What about the integrity agenda of the government? What about transparency and openness and greater accountability? What about the last Auditor General’s Report? Was any action taken against all those public servants who made million ringgit decisions without authority? I am talking about the responsible Secretary General or the Minister. Or, was it enough to blame clerks and charge junior officers with crimes? Why was not action taken against a known crooked person in the name of Raja Zakaria of Port Klang? When he has obviously abused power for personal wealth, is that not ugly? All the government can do is merely drop him as a candidate? Was the AG asleep or was he directed not to take action? Are all State DPPs also under the Executive instructions? Did all these crooks do no wrong? Cannot you see their faults? What about the person who has for 27 years misled all Malaysian Indians, and not just the Tamils? What about the 9million Telecoms shares? Does he still get to make one last stand? Why and for what? His personal ego? Or, because Pak Lah has no moral authority to ask him to step down, being equally guilty of such ego trips ?

Therefore dear Malaysians, as we go into the 12th General Election period how must we really vote? Should we vote for a party leadership that has already been "exercising executive and absolute power for the last 55 years," or should we give the other side a chance for the first time in Malaysian history? I am going to argue for change, and therefore am asking you to also consider a vote for change and vote against arrogance. I give only three reasons for my preference.

First and foremost is the lack of political will for moral leadership demonstrated by the Pak Lah Administration after we gave him absolute power to make changes? He misused that power and authority. The current and incumbent Prime Minister, who preached and propagated the agenda of integrity, has failed to promote and sustain this agenda seriously and consistently.

Three obvious reasons

I therefore list below three obvious reasons:

1. The Police Complaints Commission has not been set up because the Prime Minister got cold feet and realized that the corrupt Police Force can act to sabotage the Government’s agenda. The abuses of the Police were well documented by the Royal Commission Report. Therefore, what we see now recommended as a bill in Parliament is a lame and inconsequential Commission which is a watered down version of the original Complaints Commission. Why the cop out?

2. The Parliamentary Committee on Integrity which was given a two year mandate which has not been fulfilled because the Chairman of the original Committee (a Minister) resigned because the public services did not respect the Parliamentary Committee. He was supported by two Ministers who worked for opposite purposes. The PM then had no moral authority to deal with this issue and instead let things slide, which led to the resignation of the original Chairman, another Minister in Pak Lah’s Cabinet.

3. With all exposures about corruption in governance, especially the ones promoted, allowed and led by the Media, it is surprising that the PM who argued for integrity and against corruption could not execute his own policies against "the Klang railway gate-keeper turned Raja" or the "close one-eye Member of Parliament?" Both were publicly made evident cases involving obvious corruption. The PM has no moral courage to do the right thing in the right way at the right time.

Therefore I conclude that there is no leadership integrity nor the requisite political will on the matter of the Nation’s Integrity Agenda, especially amongst the Cabinet, or the Chief of Executives, called the Prime Minister. The Integrity Agenda remains an espoused theory, or a political ploy, with little or no confidence amongst the people that there is any intention to carry through with the discipline required to instill such good and honorable values. At least, I remain unconvinced. It is still a worthwhile sounding agenda with little or no follow-up and follow-through in the immediate future. Maybe it was only intended to create awareness amongst the public officials; a task therefore assigned to the Integrity Institute Malaysia and their NGO allies with little of no power or teeth to do much else. Even the ACA is really no different because it reports only to the Prime Minister, instead of the Parliament! Same with the Attorney General.

Second, the PM has always argued that he is the PM of all Malaysians and asked Malaysians to "work with him and not for him." He has yet to convince me that he abides by this servant leadership model. Although he writes personal notes to Pastors and Elders, and most non-Muslim leaders, when it came to the Hindraf’s real issues, this PM found no time to read the document which was personally presented by the Hindraf leaders to his office in Putrajaya. Instead, they were left to organize the march for their cause, because they were not heard or listened to. But, when it became demonstrated that their concerns were real and serious (with 30,000 supporters), and after he met with non-MIC NGOs, small actions began to be taken for the case of these marginalized Indians. Why did the Barisan Government have to wait all these years to do what a "PM of all Malaysians should have done" without being prompted, if in fact he is the PM of all Malaysians, and not just UMNO? Did they all not know the real issues? Or, is it that such appeals, even from the MIC, really fell on deaf ears within the context of UMNO belligerence?

The NEP originally had a primary goal of "eradicating poverty regardless of race or economic function." Pak Lah knows that because he was part of the team which drafted it with PM Tun Razak. What happened to all such targets, even after 37 years of the NEP? The bottom 30% of Malaysian society needs to be heard and sometimes they can only do it via demonstrations, because the Government has become deaf to their concerns. Moreover, what I totally cannot accept is that in a democratic country like Malaysia, peaceful demonstrations to give voice to such issues are now not even allowed (except if it is Barisan-sponsored) because it is deemed to be against the public interest. Since when can the corrupt police alone define public interest, when the Government of the day has not taken heed to the genuine needs of these poor and marginalized Indians; which even the Government has publicly now accepted? PM Pak Lah’s "work with me not for me" edict appears to refer only to Government Departments and towards blind administrative compliance rather than for change and improvement defined by others. Working with NGOs, the Bar Council, and the Civil Society does not yet seem part and parcel of this agenda. Why?

Thirdly and finally, the PM’s Islam Hadhari appears to be merely another publicity and political gimmick to ward off the more serious and sincere agenda of PAS’ Islamic State ambition. From an anti-Islamic state stance taken by the BN over the years, which is consistent with the Secular Constitution and statements of the first three former PMs, suddenly now, even the DPM of Pak Lah’s Government and son of the second PM has stated that Malaysia is an Islamic State. That singularly cheats and lies to all non-Muslims and denies the original Social Contract, and undoes the original spirit of the Alliance. Worse still this cheats, lies and breaches the formal contract with Sabah and Sarawak about the original intentions of the 1963 Malaysia Agreement.

Consequences of 'false declaration'

The many consequences of this "false declaration" are the following:

1. Most public servants on the ground can now decide to take on role of "moral guardians" of the enforcement of the Islamic State agenda. That is why "non-Muslim couples holding hands are now charged in court," "32 bibles are confiscated," the word "Allah is banned for Bahasa Malaysia bibles," and the increasing Islamization of public schools is evident.

2. Lina Joy, a genuine convert to Christianity from Islam was denied a Constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of religion based on her own conscience. Personal conscience cannot be denied.

3. Temples and other places of worship are not given proper locations and instead 100-year old temples built during the British Colonial rule are destroyed based entirely and purely on the "privatization of the land development for housing purposes." Whose responsibility, other than that of the Government is it to safeguard and protect the interests on these "Tamil community settlements in estates;" when the land developers are going to reap millions vide their property development. There is also the general problem of the non-allocation of proper land for the construction of places of worship by the Government. This singular issue caused a Catholic Church in Selangor to be delayed for almost 26years. Moreover, issues related to construction of churches have to be approved by the Islamic Council at the State level. Why is the Federal Constitution and its guarantees becoming subject to State level legislation, especially on non-Islamic religions?

4. The issue of body-snatching after death. Why would this face of Islam find expression under Islam Hadhari? If in fact, Islam is a peaceful religion, as propagated, is not this "after-death" care and concern rather disingenuous? In many of these cases, the original spirit of the Federal Constitution has been violated, with Judges in Civil Courts appearing to be more Muslim than the Federal Constitution’s supreme authority it gives itself.

Based on the above three reasons, I would like to appeal to all peace-loving Malaysians who have in the past almost blindly voted for the Government of National Unity, with a promise of continued harmony and peace, to please reconsider and to vote for change. We need to tell the Government of the Day that the voices of ordinary people do count and not just those of their 3000 UMNO members at their General Assembly.

What is the absolute worst that can happen, even if most change-minded people find the courage to try and make a difference? I still do not see more than about 75-80 seats falling to the Opposition. The Barisan Government will continue to rule but without the traditionally arrogant attitude of the past few years. Their keris-wilding antics will stop. The Barisan Rakyat (of the people, for the people and by the people) would have spoken and if the Government does not still take the ordinary people seriously, then and only then, will we ever dream of real change in power for the first time in Malaysia. But, why do we have to wait for that? That can only happen in the next General Election. It is far more positive to give the early signal now and let the Government learn that ordinary people have their own limits and that part of the message of a developed nation is having the option to change the Government. After all, that is part and parcel of evolving into a mature democracy.

May God continue to have mercy on Malaysia; by denying the Government their two-thirds majority! That is my sincere prayer!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How will Buntong Indians vote...? (N30 Buntong)

Source : M'ini
Image : Net

The Buntong state seat in Perak which Barisan Nasional had let slip several times in the last 11 general elections is likely to see another keen contest this time round.

Coupled with the fact that Buntong has 46.2 percent Indian voters - the largest in the country in terms of percentage - the outcome on polling day would definitely be closely watched.

Buntong, a former mining town, began as a Chinese new village after World War II. In the 60s and 70s, new Indian settlements were built around the area to house local council workers and Telekom staff during the People's Progressive Party reign of local councils in the area.

DAP's A Sivasubramaniam is giving the seat a second try. He would meet MCA newcomer Lee Tung Lai, 52, as incumbent Yik Phooi Hong would be taking on the Ipoh Barat parliament seat. All three are local boys.

In 2004, Sivasubramaniam lost to Yik's by 2,382 votes. In all, he had managed to reduce Yik's majority by about 1,000 votes. There are 21,682 voters in the area.

Other than the Chinese supporters of DAP, Sivasubramaniam is hoping to cash in on the new wave of anti-government sentiments among Buntong's 10,131 Indian voters and finally wrest back the seat, which DAP held in 1990, from the BN.

Subramaniam has a lot going for him. He is known locally as an aide to Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran and has been keeping his Buntong service centre running since 2004.

"If I am elected then all your rubbish and drainage woes would be resolved. Why? Because that is the carrot Barisan would dangle to win back this seat," Sivasubramaniam told a crowd of 300 during a ceramah near the Buntong market last night.

MCA rookie

His opponent Lee however, despite being an rookie, is no pushover. Lee is a MCA branch chairperson and has been active in local politics, local guilds and parent-teacher associations for the past 20 years.

Met in Buntong today, Lee, who runs a small engineering firm near Buntong, appeared to be still soaking in the fact that he had been made a BN candidate.

"I was hosting a dinner for a friend from overseas when I received the call from (MCA secretary-general) Ong Ka Chuan. After he said that I have been made candidate, I was so stunned I couldn't even finish the rest of my meal," said Lee with a smile when asked on his unexpected candidacy.

Lee said "it should be okay" when asked on his chances of retaining the seat for Barisan and that his track record as a local activist would bode well to win substantial support of Buntong's 10,190 Chinese electorate.

However, he appeared less confident when quizzed about Indian voters.

"There will be a difference (in the way they vote this time)," said Lee, who plans to tackle this by banking on his MIC comrades to help introduce him in an intensive house-to-house campaign.

Lee also brushed off suggestions that a recent confrontation between disgruntled Indians here and Menteri Besar Tajol Rosli was reflective of the entire Indian community in Buntong.

During the Feb 19 incident, a group of Indians jeered Tajol during a meet-the-people session. Other victims of public dissatisfaction included Perak MIC chief G Rajoo and Yik. An egg was also thrown on stage but missed all three VIPs.

"There are only a small group of people who are causing trouble," said Lee.

Penang: Gerakan's slogan backfires...

Source : M'Kini
Image : Net

Who should 'keep reinventing'? The ruling Barisan Nasional (BN)coalition in Penang or the voters themselves?

The 'Keep Reinventing' slogan was adopted by the state BN as its motto for the March 8 general election amid the expectation of a swing among Chinese and Indian voters against the government.

Recognising the grouses on the grounds, the slogan was to show that the Gerakan-led state government has been constantly improving itself from good to better and that the ruling party has been able to keep up with the changing times after being in power for almost 40 years.

But it has since backfired with opposition party DAP taking every opportunity at its ceramah (political talk) to turn the tables on its political rival.

At the launch of a seven-metre high 'rocket' on Sunday evening, DAP leaders led by its state chief Chow Kon Yeow shouted the slogan 'Keep reinventing, vote DAP!' to cheers from the crowd.

The zinc-sheet rocket, located in front of a market at the heart of the Georgetown city centre that fell under the Tanjung parliamentary seat, was an initiative from the local residents.

Koh: It's change for the better

Not just that, DAP has also cheekily erected banners carrying the words 'Vote DAP' on each of the white-and-blue 'Keep Reinventing' BN banners around the island (photo below).

From afar, anyone could mistake these to be DAP banners pleading for votes.

“It saves us half of our costs,” a DAP member quipped.

Worse still, the last word in the slogan’s Mandarin pronunciation, ‘zai zhuan bian’, sounds like ‘pian’, or cheating. This makes the entire phrase to mean ‘to cheat again’.

Not surprisingly, the word ‘cheat’ was sprayed around town where-ever the ‘Keep Reinventing’ slogan appeared.

DAP politicians have since turned this into a song at their ceramah to take a swipe against BN for ‘cheating the people again and again’.

The opposition party’s banners were also seen posing questions about what ‘reinventing’ BN could do to put the lid on the high cost of living and fuel prices.

Nevertheless, outgoing chief minister Dr Koh Tsu Koon insisted that the slogan was to remind the Penangites how much the island state has transformed over the past half century.

He argued that these changes could only continue by electing BN into the state government.

“The opposition is asking the people to change for the worse,” Koh told reporters last week when quizzed on the opposition’s move to expropriate the BN slogan in their electoral campaign.

In power for far too long

This however will not stop the opposition from stepping up the attacks, urging Penang residents to vote for a change in government instead of a ‘reinvention’ from the BN.

“It (Gerakan) has been in power for so long, how to reinvent?” asked DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng at a ceramah at the Rifle Range flats in Kebun Bunga two nights ago.

Lim, who is running for the Bagan parliamentary seat and Air Putih state seat, said problems ranging from judicial corruption to traffic woes on the island could only be solved by kicking out the incumbents.

Apart from that, DAP’s Bukit Bendera candidate Liew Chin Tong has also argued earlier that Koh’s apparent choice of successor for the chief minister post, given his age, would be hard pressed for any kind of ‘reinvention’.

Liew was referring to senior Gerakan’s state exco Dr Teng Hock Nan, 62, who is widely expected to take over from Koh, 58, as the latter is seeking to move up to the federal administration.

Although Teng has had close to three decades of experience in running the state’s affairs, the DAP candidate however argued that the veteran leader had overstayed his welcome.

At the end of the day, it would be the voters who would have the final word on BN’s ‘Keep Reinventing’ slogan. Their verdict will be known on March 8.