Saturday, March 7, 2009

Was Kugan really a Suspected Car Thief...??

By YennaMike
Image Source : M'Kini

Reading the article about Kugan’s post mortem report both from MalaysiaKini and The Star news paper it makes me to ponder – with all these cover ups by our Police Department and Pathologists both under oath to serve public and uphold the law....was Kugan really a Suspected Car thief. ..!!. If a suspected car thief had to go through such severe punishment why wasn’t Abdul Razak Baginda and co. (suspected murderers of Altantuya)wasn’t given a similar treatment to spell out the truth. How about Mat Rempits, you don’t hear them getting arrested and beaten to death but instead public are the ones getting beaten by these Mat Rempits.

The World is already laughing at Malaysia by the way Altantuya’s case was handled not to mention the recent revelations by Arnaud Dubus in The French Liberation newspaper. Our Perak crisis which seems to have lots of imbalance by the way things are being conduct and don’t forget another controversial “correct....correct...correct...” case i.e. our own judiciary manipulation crisis – the Lingam’s Case.

I really feel sorry for Kugan’s family for being put to the test by all these accusations and ongoing legal battle. Her son might have been labelled as “suspected car thief”, but i’m proud that she is fighting for her son’s justice...again was Kugan really a Suspected Car Thief or is this another cover up by our Police Department to hide the truth...??

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