Wednesday, March 4, 2009


By : YennaMike

Malaysia Boleh is the word we all hail from time to time to remind ourselves what we are made of. Over the years since this word was first hailed the “Positivity“ of this chant has lost its shine but it shined very well in the Silver state of Malaysia this morning.

Malaysia Boleh...yes we can have an Emergency State Meeting at the Car Park under a huge tree (pokok demokrasi) and managed to pass three motions – well done to those who supported this cause. This has proven that people who representing our fellow “Perakians” lived up to their voters expectations to show what they are made of not to mention Speaker V.Sivakumar who chaired the meeting despite the court cases filed against him.

Although many quarters are labelling this act as insulting the Sultan, in my own opinion it’s ‘rakyats’ representatives doing their best to be able to serve them and honour their term by the constitution and at the same time exercising their rights as elected representative to seek Sultan’s consent.

The “Rakyat” should be given their rights to choose who they want as their representatives. This political imbalance which will not settle down until an amicable solution is reached again my humble opinion is to let the “Rakyat” decide who they want as their representative and a motion should be passed to stop elected representatives from jumping “ship” until they complete their elected term to stop similar situation arising near future.

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