Thursday, March 5, 2009

What's next for Perak - ISA Arrest...??

Finally the Police came up with an idea on how to intimidate the Representatives attended and passed 3 motions on Tuesday....he...he...he... “ illegal gathering “ pulak...!!!. Nice try but keep trying – well if it was an illegal gathering to pass 3 motions outside of the State Building since our “friends” decided to lock it up...wonder would it have been legal to have it inside the compound of the State Secretariat Building.

I guess this must be the first attempt to overrule or invalidate the 3 motions passed during the “Historical” pokok democracy meeting held in our Silver state. Eeemmm will this work – i’m a bit worried but keeping my fingers crossed since the strings are being pulled again and again by our Federal Government to seize power in Perak. I’m just pondering what are the average “Perakians” think about what’s going around in their State. I’m also wondering why MACC not questioning the 3 PKR reps who decided to switch over side but instead going after Speaker V.Sivakumar...eerrrmmm.

The legal battles have started with favouritism more towards the ruling party and we all know why. Once again i’m still wondering why we are not given the opportunity to our fellow “Perakian” to decide who they want as their Menteri Besar and state representatives.

Soon it will be the usual ISA Arrest...for reasons you know what....haiyaaa...!!!. Will democracy “shine” in our Silver State.....let’s wait and see.....

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